Sunday, December 31

random thoughts...

well, christmas is packed away until next year around here. lights have been taken down, chirstmas tree put out to the curb, so sad... so brown, and crunchy, and such a fire hazzard!

i have a long to do list for the new year, and just like the man he is, my husband thought we should get it done on his time frame, and not mine. so it goes...

christmas packed away... check
house lights taken down... check
gifts put away, or returned (only two)... check
garage cleaned and organised... check
one truck load of old treasures hauled to the thrift... check
gate repaired... check
new back door painted... check
new door knob installed... check
new dead bolt installed... check
old hall door filed down (it was stickin')... check
floor paint touched up... check
new house paint purchased... check
scrap room cleaned and OVERHAULED... check

And as if that wasn't enough, my husband is taken me out tonight! yikes. i think i'd rather stay home, enjoy a glass of wine {{or 3}} and call it a happy old year.

good bye 2006. i enjoyed you. i enjoyed a fab trip to maui with my family, i found out our oldest is making us grandparents for the second time, and expecting her first. we found out thursday "it's a girl". i am so ready for a little pink princess!! i bought my fab rockin audi last jan 1, one year ago tomorrow! our youngest graduated in june, giving me the chance to reinvent my roll in our family. my time is officially my own! and i am loving it! i am a lucky girl. i think we all are. when we look at what our lives bring, and those we love... we see more clearly. life is good. i hope 2007 is your best year yet! not the best to come... but the best yet!! be happy all you stranger friends!

ciao 2006, welcome 2007!!

Tuesday, December 26

merry christmas from our house to yours. we were so happy to have jamie and ethyn spend christmas eve with us. he looks happy enough, but unfortunatly we were up all night with ethyn, as he was up caughing from 2 am on.

travis was thrilled to have grandpa gift him his hunting riffle! our's is a family with a long line of archers, using thier riffles only for birds. earlier this year travis got his big bow. this is a priceless gift!!

and finally our oldest, kimberly who is expecting her first in may. so happy for her and daniel, as well as looking forward to another baby to love!!

i hope your's was a happy christmas as well.

Friday, December 22

3 more days, to enjoy the season!!!

this week, ethyn asked me why i was so excited about christmas. it made me think... this is my favorite time of year, it always has been.

i suppose it's because...
i still believe in the magic of the season and the way it makes me feel
i love chirstmas music
i love the hustle and bustle, and malls filled with shoppers
i love finding special things for those i love
i love the store windows dressed for christmas {{especially in san francisco}}
i love getting together for a cup of cheer with friends
i love pictures with santa
i love wrapping gifts, and sending cards
i love going to childrens' christmas programs with thier tiny voices booming
i love the smell of our christmas tree
i love twinkling white lights and garland
i love mimosa's on christmas morning!
i love watching christmas shows with my grandson, that i watched as a child
i love going to disneyland and seeing all the christmas merriment
i love purusing the neighborhood looking at christmas lights
i love coming home to find christmas cards in the mailbox
and the annual letter from my sisters mother~in~law telling of all the special goings on in her world
and i love people like Denise at the post office who make going, 4 days before christmas, with a priority package, seem like no problem at all. in fact she smiles a genuine smile, and we chat. i hope she and her family have a wonderful christmas.

in fact that's what i hope for everyone. and if your jewish, i wish you a happy chanukah. i wish you the love of family and friends. i wish you laughter, and happiness, and good times. i wish for you everything you need to make this a magical time of year for you and yours.

only 3 days left to enjoy it all
merry christmas

Monday, December 18

oh christmas wreath, oh christmas wreath...

after looking at the beautiful wreaths made by pam garrison, {{}} and miss jennifer duncan {{}} and sis boom, i began dreaming one up for our front door. after our sunday trip to the antique and collectables faire in long beach, i was ready with a few goodies i'd picked up. this morning i whipped up this little beauty, my annelle wreath. i named it that because making it, i felt a bit like anelle in steel maganolia's. as i arranged, glittered and glued, i heard heard her voice exclaiming, "i cleared them clean outta baby jesus'". that's just the feeling i had as i searched boxes and bags for each little treasure, picking up a one armed angel, childrens homemade people ornaments, and other tiny treasures.

this is the day i have been awaiting for weeks, the one that finds me checking off my {{to do list}} left and right. in the past few days i've finished my shopping, finished the christmas cards, and sent them out, made a darling fireman pillowcase for ethyn, taken many more pillowcases in to be monogrammed, and finished a few gifts that must be put in the post today!!, and even cleared a bit more floor space in my scrap room. much of this being done this morning, and its only noon to boot!! i looks like the makings for a great day!! i better not stop now... just wanted to take a minute to share.

i hope this day finds you making progess on that to do list of yours.
ho! ho! ho!

Wednesday, December 13

blogging goodness

last night as i was reading my usual blogs, i happened onto this new one, {{can't figure out how to link on my new laptop. yikes!!}} i didn't see the hook coming, but drawn in i was. {{this says so much about me. and yes, if your wondering, i am nuts}} the only thing i have anywhere near in common with this darling girl, is that we both drive an andi. she is tall, i am not. she is thin, i am not. she is educated, again i am not. she is a socialite, works in a hospital, has been to many of the places the world over, i currently only dream of seeing, among other things. i find reading her blog, like reading a favorite book. the one that takes you to places that seem only like a far off dream. like disneys cinderella, a friend we long to know, a world we long to experience, or at least explore.

why is it that we want what we do not have? i suppose in reality, its not that i want her life or world at all. but rather, like a voyer i simply find it all facinating.

6 months ago i happened onto my first blog. as an avid reader and lover of true life stories, i was thrilled to find at my fingertips a world full of wonderful women sharing their lives with others. i am one happy girl! my horizons are broader, my days a bit brighter, and that education i've longed for comes to me thru what i learn from all of you.

thanks for blooging, stranger friends. may your day be merry and bright. i'll be waiting to hear all about them!

Saturday, December 9

busy, busy, busy!

i love these words from the frosty the snowman. this past week has flown by as i knew it would. and it won't stop until christmas, to be sure! i love the hustle and bustle of the season. i don't feel stressed about any of it, just thankful i have much to do. it means i have interests, and friends, and lots of good stuff to make me happy, and keep me busy.

i hope to have my christmas cards finished this afternoon,
and in the mail monday.
i want to wrap the few gifts i have hidden from prying eyes,
and unpack from my weekend away.
three bottles of wine are safely home and still in my suitcase, oh my!
i have one scarf to make,
two quilts to start,
and a package to ready for the post on monday.
if we are to eat at all, i must stop by the market,
and also to Toys R Us to buy Toys for Tots.

Dwight and Travis are going to an archery shoot this weekend, to support children in need. i love shopping for fun toys for kids! in years past, a friend and her family supported an orphanage in mexico. they would buy gifts for children with recent birthdays. it was my special job for a few years, to do the shopping. it was always so much fun for me. i liked to get sporting goods, and games as it brough back memories of my own childhood. i can think of nothing better than bringing these children together for fun and play at the very least! i hope this afternoon brings back a bit of those memories for me, and teaches ethyn the importance of caring for others.

speaking of ethyn, he and i are off to his first christmas program at school this morning. unfortunatly jamie, grandpa, and uncle travis have to work. so i will represent the family alone. i will take lots of pictures to share with everyone this afternoon.

hope your weekend is filled with happiness and fun!!

Tuesday, December 5

Tis the Season...

to be jolly!! and jolly i was this past weekend on a trip to northern california, san francisco, sonoma, and san jose to be exact. thanks to pam garrison, and because of this, my first stop was here!! at miss wendy addison's studio, Theatre of Dreams. what a gem, hidden in the hills around oakland, in a darling little snippet of an old town, Port Costa, Ca.

besides her creations, i loved exploring her creative storage solutions. she has the best old cabinets i've seen. chalk full of yummy goodness to be sure!
she had this amazing art piece, among others. it was truely facinating. i would love to be a fly on these walls, to take in wendys creative process.
she even let me take pictures. i felt a bit embarrased taking so many. but i can tell you for sure, i now wish i had taken twice as many!
wendy told us of The Warehouse next door. can you imagine this place is open for business? i wish i hadn't deleted the pictures of inside the bar here. facinating to say the least, as ecclectic as the entrance pictured here. i really must stop editing my pictures while i'm still on my trips. i'm such a dork!!
Friday afternoon:

this is the view from our $100.00 a night, 4 star hotel, on Nob Hill in San Francisco!!! Priceline baby!! it really works. first time i've tried it, but definatley not the last!

girls night out at A Taste of Himalaya in the city, celebrating the first showing of Tuseef's photography right here at the restaurant!!! so happy for her! the food here was so good, and the location is perfect. the whole area here at lombard and scott and west to fillmore, is a meca of good food. with steak houses, great wine bars, shopping and live music this is a great place to spend an evening.

Monday, December 4

Friday night:
what a phenomenal view from The Top of The Mark! suzanne and i were headed back to our room after walking off dinner on Chestnut at Fillmore. we found the best little pubs and bistros there. after catching a cab back to Nob Hill, we stopped into The Top of the Mark for dessert and coffee. we stayed until closing taking in the endless view, and doing what we do best... talking up storm. i love christmas in The City!!! i love that we finally planned a great girls weekend away!!

saturday morning:

we headed to the new San Francisco Centre (seen in the backgroud). it did not disappoint! we spent an hour and a half in Nordstrom's shoe department alone!!! fun, fun, fun!!! new orange crocs, and new black vans were mine for the taking!! then we rode a trolley back to our hotel. something i haven't done since childhood!! although we had to listen to a screaming preacher as we waited our turn. {{San Francisco is nothing if not liberal, and freedom of speech reigns supreme here, however loudly it may get! as he screamed his prayers for our "wretched souls", we prayed for someone to pull the plug on his amp!!}} ya gotta love this great place!!!

i love this view of the cabbies waiting to take you to any of a million great places waiting to be explored.
saturday afternoon:

after leaving the city, we headed just north to Sonoma. we met suzanne's mom at the wineries! my first time wine tasting, found me here at Viansa buying my husband a wine membership for a little Christmas surprise!! yummy good wine!!!

sunday am:

after church we went to the farmers market in campbell and ran across the most devine little shop, Garafalo's!!! the glitter gods have spread merriness all about the place!!! actaully its the work of one miss wendy addison. this place is packed with her wares!
i was in heaven here! this was definately the {{cherry~on~top}} of a fabulous weekend to my beloved San Jose, and San Francisco!!!

Wednesday, November 29

a new stocking for the pooch

a new stocking for harley! made from the inspiration of these. so darn cute! if you can figure out how to get their great font on {{harley's bone}} please let me know!!

Tuesday, November 28

ethyn, the grinch, rowdy, and china...

my help at the end of all the festivities!


more scarfs for dwights pride & joy!
our stockings my mother made,
jamie has one too, but has {{misplaced it}}

my San Francisco Macy's Santa, and fitz and floyd reindeer,

ethyn and his "when i knew santa, when i was little" pictures,

and my disney cabinet.

almost done!

up early!!

we will finish the decorating today!!!

until ethyn arrives, his tree in the kitchen is lit, the house lights are on for another hour until the sun comes up, coffee is made, cats are fed... and i am on a mission to finsh the decorating!!! christmas gods be with me!!!

Monday, November 27

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat!

how much do i love my John Denver and The Muppets Christmas CD?? love, love, super love it! every year, after the turkey, stuffing, and gravy are put away, and the pie gobbled up, its my tradition to start playing this happy music. visions of christmas trees, candy canes, and decorating fill my imagination. it's also on this long weekend that i {{spread christmas all thru the hosue}}.this year was no different. with one exception...

i don't remember it taking me more than a day to decorate. i started on saturday and i'm still not done! we pulled out the boxes, brought them in, dug thru them, and searched for our favorite things. i can't find half of them, although i'm not quiet sure what's missing. i just know i had more stuff than this last year! i hope to finish it all tomorrow when ethyn is back to help.

mental note: this year, pack things that go together, together!
another tradition... watching Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. gotta love a little chevy with your holidays. so last night we laughed as i made the first of 3 scarfs for my husbands babies...
be forewarned, scariness ahead....

what do you think? i hope you're not offended. they take a little getting use to, but they have grown on me after 20 years. i can't tell you happy dwight is that i think of his likes douring the holidays, as well as mine. it will be a winter~lodge~ish christmas here, as opposed to the silver bella christmas i dream of. no blue and pink christmas for me, think pine cones, peppermint sticks and scarfs all around.

oh, and one last bit of exciting news. my dear friend rebecca is making her magazine debut this friday, Dec 1 in Stampingtons Gallery Magazine!!! so happy for her. she is so talented. i hope you'll get the magazine and take a look at the great work she does. she is amazing and even takes custom orders on her altered books. they are {{to die for}} yummy!!!

i hope you all have great week. enjoy!


Monday, November 20

a Thankful list

like so many it sometimes takes a holiday outlining the {{big picture}} to make me stop and think. Thanksgiving is like that for me. it reminds me to slow down and really give thanks for the life i live.

while i believe we "create our own reality", i also know that "time and unforeseen occurences befall us all". and so, this week i am thankful for a many things. writing has always been a way for me to work things out. by writing these things now, i hope they will stay with me, and help me to be truely, mindfully, be thankful far beyond thursday.

i am thankful for my MiL {{Mother in Love}} in recent years she has been the single biggest influence in my life. until her death last year she was my biggest supporter, my confidant, my best friend, and my hero!! so much of who i am today, i learned from knowing her... those words are from a song from Wicked, but so fitting! i miss her dearly. yet am so thankful for having had her in my life for 41 years. thanksgiving was her favorite holiday. i never understood it before. i do now.

i am thankful that my husband is who he is. he is big, and burley, rough around the edges and sometimes in the middle. he looks and frequently acts like grizzly adams. but he is such an old softy!! quiet, soft spoken, easy going style. he is perfect for me. he gives me my way when i insist on having it, and he pushes me ((figuratively)) when he knows it will help me. i have never doubted his love for me. ours is a passionate marriage, not a perfect one. i couldn't ask for anything more!!!

i am so thankful that my daughter has made such a huge turnaround in her life. 5 years ago, thanksgiving was disasterous. not for me, but for her. as parents when our children are following a path not well suited for anyone, we sometimes feel like they are {{doing}} it to us. they aren't. what she did, she did to herself. she was the only one who could change her couse. she has certainly done that! i can't begin to put into words how i feel about her, and for her. she is the best mother i know. she is a better mother than i was. i couldn't be happier for her, or with her. i am so thankful for her.

i am thankful for my 18 year old son who has never been any trouble to us. in times when drinking, smoking, and drugs {if even experimental} are common place, he has never to MY knowledge done any of these. trust me, i don't have stars in my eyes when i look at him... but he has been such a blessing. he spends time bonding with his father, that he could easily spend hanging with friends instead. i so wanted a son when i had him, and i thank my lucky stars everyday that i got to be his mom.

i am thankful everyday for ethyn. the first thing people think when they see the two of us together, is that he is mine. i don't want that. he is jamie's son. i am nanny. the first thing people say to me is "you look too young to be his grandmother". i am young. i'll do the math for you...{{this is the next thing people do...}} i had my daughter at 17. i was a grandmother at 38. i was young. but i wouldn't change a thing. when you change one thing, you change everything. ethyn is the light of my life. i am old enough now to do things with him, i didn't think or even know about doing when i was a young mother. i am old enough to know how lucky i am to have him to enjoy at this age in my life. i am old enough that regardless of what happens in the next 5 minutes, i have had one small boy who looks at me with stars in his eyes, the same way i look at him.

i am truely thankful, and absolutely blessed.

my life is far from perfect. i am loud. my house can be loud, and messy, and even dirty. i don't cook very often, or very well anymore. my husband has slept on the couch, as have i when he insisted on sleeping in bed when i would rather he didn't. my daughter has worried me to no end, for a few years on end, and my son has made me cry. but i am thankful. for all of it. and all of them. i am thankful they've stood by me when i wasn't at my best. i am thankful for my life, all of it. the better and the worst.

i hope i remember these things and more well beyond this thursday. i am thankful for the reminder it brings to think about how sweet life really is.

peace out, happy people!!

Monday, November 13

{{Super Bling}} takin your vote!!

k, this is for rebecca! this is the super bling photo i told her i'd take, before returning this little beauty to nordstroms. however... now that i see the photo, and look at it again, i remember why i bought it. so... i want your advice,
{{keep the bling}}
{{RUN! to Nordstroms and get my mooLa back}}
the polling booths are open. i'm asking for your votes.

Saturday, November 11

i was just thinking...

last night i swore myself off of shopping until December 1. it only lasted about 10 hours. i broke my shopping~free~vow with a christmas purchase this morning. i guess i should be thankful it wasn't for more paper, or jewelry i don't wear. not so bad, i guess.

i'll would revise my vow now, but first i have a few confessions...

i cannot tell a lie. i went to The Art Bar this evening. i had stopped by yesterday afternoon, ran in for 30 minutes, and picked up my monthly kit. oh yes, i subscribe to those as well. heaven forbid i should actually {{miss something}}. those marketing ploys get me every time. so this evening i went to use my 2 free hours of studio time, that come with the kit. i so love it there! i could move my bed in, and be as happy as a girl with a bed in an art studio!! i love, love, love this months kit as well. bobble fun!! see picture above

so... i was just thinking...

maybe if i can carve out a bit of home~alone~time this week, i can work on some of the great things i found, and keep my word about no more shopping this month {{at least for art supplies}}. one more thing.... i signed up for a class at The Art Bar tonight to learn how to soudier. in my defense, i have wanted to learn to do this for a very long time. but i hate to admit it was the third class i signed up for this week. no more of those either.

"hi. my name is dede. i am an art addict."

Friday, November 10

the votes are in...

and it's official!

i have lost my mind. it is no where to be found. it went missing sometime the around saturday.
i went into the scrapbook oasis, and came out minus my mind.

this is what i have purchased in the past 6 days.
and this only includes scrapbook related purchases.

this doesn't include the two kits i was lucky enough to order from teresa mcfayden.

{{ i so wanted to go to silver bella. but at that point i still had some assemblence of reasoning...
tickets to and from nebraska $300.00, two nights hotel $250.00, cab fare... ? food for the weekend... ?, money spent for goodies...??}}

no. i didn't go. i hated that i wasn't going. but i knew i shouldn't. a thinking mind i suspect, no? looking back it would probably have been cheaper to have gone to silver bella, than to have stayed here this week shopping like a mad woman.

this doesn't include the 5 hours spent {{yes, you heard me right}} at Nordstroms wednesday celebrating the Half Yearly Sale, with a girlfriend. thank god, its only twice a year!! thank you, thank you, thank you!

this doesn't include the private jewelry showing i went to this afternoon.

did i tell you i was crazy? i don't even wear jewelry, and i NEVER wear a necklace. i BOUGHT 5 this week!!! not one, not two, 5 necklaces!! wait... no... it was 6. i'm a crazy woman.

if i scrap everyday from now until christmas, i will hardly make a dent in my paper supply.

so once again...

no shopping for me until the end of the month. it worked wonders when i did this in october. it was the first time i'd ever cut myself off. but i guess if i am going to act like an addict, i must resort to addictive measures. cold turkey. thats it! no more stops to the shops i love...

no more art bar...
no more scrapbook oasis...
no more paper source...
no more norstroms sale...

and no more neklaces!!

in fact one is going back. if i showed it to you, you'd die. it is so not me. it fits my personality, as it is {{super bling}}, but it doesn't fit my fashion sense. i am a plain jane where it comes to fashion. i need no bling... besides i hear its hard to pull off successfully after 40 ;-)

well, me and my reeling head are off to bed. i will pray for my sense of reason to return to me. i will pray my husband not find out, that i apperently think he likes to work to pay for paper (and necklaces). i will pray for ugly papers to be created by the scrappin diva's in the coming months...

and i pray for a huge creative streak so that i can finally start using all this yummy goodness i find so hard to resist!!

Tuesday, November 7

Art Journal

I found a little {{someone}} doing what i do best... sitting at my computer. Ethyn came into my scraproom this morning after watching PBS, having breakfast, and said...
"i thought i could play a few games on the 'puter", then pinching his fingers closely together
said, "not too much, just a little."
does he know how much i hate to give up my special time spent following my blogs,
searching out new creations,
or looking at the latest trends over at "2 P's" ?
Apparently he does!
But step aside I did, for i want to teach him what it is that is so attractive here, as opposed to seeing the furrowed brow my husband often displays.

secondly, this little treasure comes to me thanks to reading about this new local shop, which reminded me i had a special stop to make. but this one would be different! a fun stop to... The Paper Source! oh, yummy goodness abounds! i was there for an hour, found many "must haves", adding a new {{hot stop}} to my list (Scrapbook Oasis and The Art Bar, being the first's), and finding this little book to decorate.

how lucky can a girl get? i ask!!

i bought two of these, in two different sizes, small and smaller. i am nothing if not a painter of *barbie sized* prints, as my mistro will attest! (water color tuesday, still)

i decorated it this morning to have a little something to share in class this evening, with all those who say,

"oh... let me see... oh, i can't see... what is that? it's so small.... is.. it... for a doll house??"

yes... well... no!!!

that is where this day finds me. also happy about getting this, christmas card stash~away and this, crown of the town. and hoping beyond hopes that this will come to me as well!

a girl can dream can't she?!

tomorrow is a big day...Nordstroms Half Yearly Sale starts, hair will be done by hunky hairdresser Noel, and then a girls get together with friends! so nice to have a girls day out, middle of the week! and... the guys will never know!

Be happy, scrappy girls!!

Sunday, November 5

$7.98 spent for 2 fabulous finds!!

I wish I took advantage of everything I have available to me living in southern California...

but I don't.

I recently clipped a memo from the paper. It anounced dates for Flea Markets all over So Cal. I love the idea of a good scavanger hunt. It's easy for me to vow that I will go to these treasure troves of goodness, comes Sunday a.m.

but I don't.

Today, although I didn't go anywhere special,
I did find a few treasures. At the local Goodwill no less.
I first found a simple, new with tags, dry erase board.
I passed it up on first sight, but fortunately went back before leaving, realizing what it could be. For a mere $2.99.

I backed it with cardstock, embellished with ribbon, german glass glitter, rub on's, a red feather stapled into place, an old key hung from ribbon, and a few flower punches. I hung it on the Frigidaire. Tomorrow I will pick up a dry erase marker, and embellish it to match.

My family now has a darling spot to write a
quick note before leaving for the day. I love the idea of this, and hope to find a little something special in the morning!

I also found this little beauty from Cavallini & Co for just
$4.99. It's a calander with rotating day, date, and month markers. I love it!!

My two new finds inspired me to hang the shelf I had to have {{3 months ago}}.

I guess it really is advantaes to live here where people donate things before they even use them. Then again, I guess that could happen even in a small town.

But I doubt it would have been 80* anywhere else but here!

Here's to another great weekend
in Sunny So Cal!!!

Thursday, November 2

my week in pictures

one hour spent stitching the binding on this, a small throw i started last winter.
one pumpkin carved on all hallow's eve!
one kitty playing happily with the ribbon on a baptism gift.
two super heros bonding before the {{big event}}
alas, i am doing my best to finish up the book that will house our summer memories of maui!
one big ol' flakey me...
has yet to get a prize package out to ms. sue lew!
my bad,
please forgive!!

Friday, October 27

Funky Fabric Swap package!!

on getting started...

a friend once said it could take her 3 years to get started on something. she was referring to a diet, as in ...

once i start, i'm ok. it's just that it can take me three years to get started!
i completely know what she means. i have felt that way this week. not with a diet, but with my to do list. i had several swaps i was to have sent out by last friday. i however was in carlsbad, volunteering for Survivor Crop with Ever After Scrapbooks.
everyday this week i have had huge plans for cathcing up my {{to do list}} ... pick up a baptism gift, mail out Susan's winning loot box, mail 4 of the swaps that are either due, or were due last week, wash my dusty car, etc... that doesn't include get my hair done, going to weigh in, making up the pilates class i missed, finishing the last few tags for this. good lord, do i understand how long it can take to get started?!
well, the stars have finally aligned. because in 3 hours this morning i have knocked my to do list out!!
*get gas ~ done!
*clean my car ~ done!
{don't wash it because the santa ana's are blowin a gail}
*go to the post office ~ done!
{{who knew a tiny, tiny package to singapore would cost $10.00??? not me!!}}
*pick up the baptism gift from the engravers ~done!
*have my hair washed and blown out ~ done!
{{i'm not a princess, i just haven't learned how to do my hair yet!!but i have hope that i will... soon.}}
*lunch ~ done!
*finish a scarf and send to swap partner ~done!
*finish the last few tags for this ~done!
i love when it finally all comes together and i can be as productive for myself as i am with others. happiness, happiness! to top it all of, i came home to a package on the porch! i love packages!! it was from a funky fabric swap. while i love the fabrics, i adore the markers that my swap partner added as a bonus!! they are Mr. Stix scented markers!! the black smells like licorice, the red like rasberries, the green like spearment, and so on. i had these as a kid, and have been wanting more. i couldn't think of the name, the maker, or anything. so i was doomed to be scented-marker-less! until today! jackpot baby! good things come in small packages. and small packages sometimes come from Matthews, NC! thank you, oh thank you swap diva from NC! you rock!! you have made me a happy girl!!
heres to hoping this productive, happy morning leads into a great weekend!!
be happy, scrappy chicks! may your wait to get started, not be much longer as well.

Sunday, October 22

$47,000.00 raised for Susan G Komen!!!!

$47,100 raised for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation!!!
$ 44,000.00 raised between 170 participants of Ever After's 2006 Survivor Crop!!
it is truely amazing what women working together can do. no one alone gives $47,000. from among these women. it takes everyone of us, every dollar!!! we can and do make a difference.
for those of you who give, or gave thank you!!!
i find it surreal that the current statistics show, approx 47,000 women will loose thier battle with Breast Cancer this year.
we do this for them. we do this for all women, everywhere.

Ever After really gives back to those of us who participate. who knew the bounty we would win, and be given! thank you camille and john!!!! i think you are wonderfully generous. also i want to say, that it is camilles husband who came up with the idea of a 24 hour crop to benifit charity 5 years ago. you're a lucky girl camille to have such a wonderful husband, and you are a blessing to him, as well!! i can't imagine doing this with two more special people!!

i joined this event only wanting to help in some way, to support finding a cure for Breact Cancer. a friend had introduced me to Ever After this past summer. it is a wonderful store!!! unfortunately it is 70 miles from me. i have been there several times however. when i heard they were looking for volunteers for this event, i was eager to sign up. i did so alone. knowing no other participants. it was so nice to meet shana, lisa, debbie and her daughter ronnie!! and to find that for several, this is thier first year and they too volunteered knowing no one here.

even when i think i am alone, i find i am not!
I have made new friends i hope to keep in touch with for years. our island made up of (l to r in group photo above, including annies girls) are gabi, annie, anna, megan, colleen, jaime, and me.
annie was our volunteer island host. she did a wonderful job and is such a giving girl!! she did this despite her daughters having thier big dance recital sunday at 1:00 pm!!! no sleep, 24 hours of cropping, volunteering and a dance recital finale! bravo annie!!! you are the MOST giving mother i have seen in forever!!!
her sister megan is the most peaceable person i have ever met!! {{ they must have saints for parents}} she too participated although having a 3 month old, who is breast feeding!!! her little boy came in the evening for a feeding and visit, and was as at ease as his mother despite age, and the noise level. we are not a quiet group, myself absolutley included!!
colleen and her daughter jaime rounded out our island. they are mother and daughter, with a husband who is extremely supportive!! he made more than one emergency run for forgotten items, and extra cookie givaways!! kudos to these two women, and the FAB man in thier lives!! colleen was a our go to scout, playing deal or no deal, creating the best freehand flames i have ever seen, and giving so freely when ever any mishap arose!!
i am so glad to have been on Survivor Island 15 with all of you!!! i hope to see you all next year, and keep in touch with you until then!!
39 hours i have been up
24 hours cropping
12 hours of volunteer service
3 hours of sleep
18 pages made
280 miles driven
too many diet cokes to count
over 300 dollars raised
1 great weekend
i am just where i want to be,
giving back and having a ton of fun in the process!!
life is good.
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