Monday, July 31

my angels

i've thought about making these for the longest time! and thanks to inspiration, i've finally started them. i don't think they're done, but thought i'd share them in progress!

Sunday, July 30

great end to a good weekend

today i drove out to carlsbad to Ever After , a local scrapbook store. they are holding their annual Survivor Crop October 21-22, a 24 hour event. it is a fund raising event for breast cancer awareness. something that everyone of us could be touched by, thru our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, aunts... and best friends. today they took sign ups for volunteers and i was lucky enough to get in! i am so glad to finally be back in that arena! it is one i find rewarding and fun. take a look at the great work they do to raise money for the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation ! i hope we raise a fortune this year! AND if you write a check to SGKBCF, it is tax deductable, and can be sent directly to Ever After!! you may not know but i lost my best friend to breast cancer last year. this event will take place one year and one week to the day, that i have learned to live without her. so i will do this in memory of her, and all the other women who fight this most courageous fight. may a cure be found for all of us! this is such a worthy cause, and one that touches us all!

i was close to another LSS i have wanted to visit, the Pink Pineapple {{love that name}}, so i went by and got Elsie Flannigan's new book 52 Scrapbooking Challenges!!! yummy book! i love new books, and this one was a must have. i'll be creating more and sharing the wonderful things she inspires in me.

have a happy sunday evening! dream, create, share with those you love and those who love you!

Thursday, July 27

scandia bakery~ laguna beach

side note:

the first photo on the front of the folder was taken while eatting lunch at scandia bakery, in laguna when {E} said,

{hey nan, take a picture of my hand}
thank goodness it wasn't that awful, *talk to the hand thing... fortunately he hadsn't learned those horrid sayings yet!

~~travel file folder~~

one of my favorite travel quotes:
it's not where you go,
it's who you go with.
i couldn't agree more! and i can't think of a better beach play mate!

***making art***

when people ask me what i do, i have to admit i am a bit embarred and stammer, "who, oh me? aaa, aaaa well, i don't work. "

that, was always in my master plan. kids and a family where the only ambition i ever had. i never wanted a career. and thankfully i married a man who wanted the same thing in a wife. but i have never been comfortable answering the question

{{what do you do?}}

i guess i need to just say *art*. that is what i do all day, most days. i love it, it comes naturally for me, and there really isn't anything else i want to be doing, except spending more time traveling!

so, question. for all of you sahm's, tell me how you answer that question. i really am interested. i'd love a more confident way to say,

"hey, this is who i am!"

the folders pictured above are a technique i learned from the very talented, and admired emily falconbridge. i took a class of hers locally and loved this fast, easy, little photo file. so i made one this afternoon, and know i will be making more. TFL!

i wonder what i'll make tomorrow??

Wednesday, July 26

{{Altered File Folder}}

click on the photo to enlarge it and read all the cute sayings!

I don't know if this is gonna count as todays entry for the art journal miss elsie inspired me to start...

if i'm honest, i'll say no.

but it is something i have wanted to make for a long time! and today i did it! i figure if i have to do paperwork, keep track of receipts, and all the others stuff i have to sears and have them look at the washer, deposit the rebate check thats been floating in the bottom of my purse for weeks... you know. we all have lots of paper junk we have to keep track of. well i'm keeping mine in one cute place from now on! right in this cutie pie folder! do you think my husband would mind if i organized all his work stuff like this? hmmm...

Tuesday, July 25

*Summertime, Summertime*

we had a great afternoon in Laguna! thought we'd share...

* Laguna Beach*

{my art journal, day one}

here is my take for the art journal thingy~ inspired by miss elsie. she said *why don't ya start an art journal* and so i did!

and its tuesday

so i have my grandson ~ super ethyn! we are off to my second favorite beach in the world! main beach in laguna! a day of fun! hope yours is great too! don't forget to share!

Elsie power!

a big ol' shout out to Elsie Flannigan for my morning inspiration.

i don't know about you, but i always have BIG ideas like.... tomorrow i am going to start {blah, blah, blah} and i am going to stick with it (quoting the husband, now)! and i am going to do it everyday....sure!

keeping that inspired feeling escapes me. its like *sand through the hour glass* be it excercise, watching what i eat, gardening more, or things like.... art journals! i love them! its not like the other stuff where i just want the results! no, i actually like art! i love the stuff, the process, the results, and especially how i feel doing it, and the *after glow* woooo. don't forget the after glow. but no matter, i can never keep the feeling. i'm an instant gradification kinda girl! i'm rambling, i know, that happens....

so this am, surfin' my beloved blogs 'n stuff, i came to say mornin to miss elsie cutie pie flannigan. and she had just what i need! a challenge. this time, i am hoping i really do stick with this. so i accepted her assignment, took the challenge and did my first page of my art journal.

so thanks, miss (mrs) flannigan! thanks for sharing! ethyn would be proud. you know about sharing don't you?

Monday, July 24

the {four} year old zion gang!

I did it!!

am i looking like a computer geek, cause i'm feelin a little like one! i'm just trying to make my new home here as comfy as possible. i wanna share the things i find interesting and fun! i finally figured out how to get the news link outta here, and put in a few favorite spots of mine.

{do you know about sharing, nan?} a quote from my 4 year old grandson this past week! thats all i'm tryin to do!

hopefully some of these photos will be posted here this week as finished projects! gotta love 4 year old birthday parties! bubbles, bouncies, play-doh, and super heros! fun, fun, fun, and fun!!

*i love my blog*

well i love my blog!! but am still playing with it. trying to add links to some of my favotite things... anyone who can help, let me hear ya! shout out!

can you hear me now?

i've finally joined the 21st century! and the rest of the world. my own blog....

a place to post my rantings, yack away when i want to {and really feel your support, thanks for bein' here for me}, and expand this creative habit of mine. create, create, share, create!

my passion of art is unending! my husband always sayes #i don't care what you do, just stick with it# i say *variety is the spice of life!* but giving in to his demands, i can stick with art!

for my part i will try and be a regular here. i know how it works. we happen onto a awsome blog, and check in regularly for our dose of bliss, and... whats this? no blog! where'd she go?! so i understand. for you semi-stalkers like me {maybe we are a just a bit needy? dare i say?} no matter, i am here for ya, and myself as well!

like the name, dream, create, share!
and, welcome!!!
de ette
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