Wednesday, July 26

{{Altered File Folder}}

click on the photo to enlarge it and read all the cute sayings!

I don't know if this is gonna count as todays entry for the art journal miss elsie inspired me to start...

if i'm honest, i'll say no.

but it is something i have wanted to make for a long time! and today i did it! i figure if i have to do paperwork, keep track of receipts, and all the others stuff i have to sears and have them look at the washer, deposit the rebate check thats been floating in the bottom of my purse for weeks... you know. we all have lots of paper junk we have to keep track of. well i'm keeping mine in one cute place from now on! right in this cutie pie folder! do you think my husband would mind if i organized all his work stuff like this? hmmm...
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