Monday, July 24

can you hear me now?

i've finally joined the 21st century! and the rest of the world. my own blog....

a place to post my rantings, yack away when i want to {and really feel your support, thanks for bein' here for me}, and expand this creative habit of mine. create, create, share, create!

my passion of art is unending! my husband always sayes #i don't care what you do, just stick with it# i say *variety is the spice of life!* but giving in to his demands, i can stick with art!

for my part i will try and be a regular here. i know how it works. we happen onto a awsome blog, and check in regularly for our dose of bliss, and... whats this? no blog! where'd she go?! so i understand. for you semi-stalkers like me {maybe we are a just a bit needy? dare i say?} no matter, i am here for ya, and myself as well!

like the name, dream, create, share!
and, welcome!!!
de ette
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