Tuesday, July 25

Elsie power!

a big ol' shout out to Elsie Flannigan http://www.autumnleaves.com/meBlog/ for my morning inspiration.

i don't know about you, but i always have BIG ideas like.... tomorrow i am going to start {blah, blah, blah} and i am going to stick with it (quoting the husband, now)! and i am going to do it everyday....sure!

keeping that inspired feeling escapes me. its like *sand through the hour glass* be it excercise, watching what i eat, gardening more, or things like.... art journals! i love them! its not like the other stuff where i just want the results! no, i actually like art! i love the stuff, the process, the results, and especially how i feel doing it, and the *after glow* woooo. don't forget the after glow. but no matter, i can never keep the feeling. i'm an instant gradification kinda girl! i'm rambling, i know, that happens....

so this am, surfin' my beloved blogs 'n stuff, i came to say mornin to miss elsie cutie pie flannigan. and she had just what i need! a challenge. this time, i am hoping i really do stick with this. so i accepted her assignment, took the challenge and did my first page of my art journal.

so thanks, miss (mrs) flannigan! thanks for sharing! ethyn would be proud. you know about sharing don't you?
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