Thursday, July 27

***making art***

when people ask me what i do, i have to admit i am a bit embarred and stammer, "who, oh me? aaa, aaaa well, i don't work. "

that, was always in my master plan. kids and a family where the only ambition i ever had. i never wanted a career. and thankfully i married a man who wanted the same thing in a wife. but i have never been comfortable answering the question

{{what do you do?}}

i guess i need to just say *art*. that is what i do all day, most days. i love it, it comes naturally for me, and there really isn't anything else i want to be doing, except spending more time traveling!

so, question. for all of you sahm's, tell me how you answer that question. i really am interested. i'd love a more confident way to say,

"hey, this is who i am!"

the folders pictured above are a technique i learned from the very talented, and admired emily falconbridge. i took a class of hers locally and loved this fast, easy, little photo file. so i made one this afternoon, and know i will be making more. TFL!

i wonder what i'll make tomorrow??

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