Thursday, August 31

happy thursday!

august has been a great month! it makes me a bit sad to have to bid it farewell, and say hello to september.

i actually like the change of seasons, as much as we have them here in sunny southern california. because we have so little change in our weather, i have become accustom to heralding in the months and the changes they bring.

septembers past, i'd daydream about being in a cooler climate. sending the kids back to school, girls in there plaid skirts and sweaters, boys in there denim and jackets. i've always longed to send my kids off looking like the back-to-school ads. no such luck. shorts and tee's it was, as september is always warm here. i remember each year the kids would head back to school, only to wilt away in a hot classroom. i always felt so sorry for them. thank goodness so many schools have ac now. this is the first year in 20 that i haven't experienced the back-to-school rituals. travis started college, but it's not the same. life changes.

i do believe my season is changing as well. i now officially declare myself a summer chicken, you know... that whole spring chicken thing:) {{i guess it shows. someone asked me today if kelly was my daughter! yikes! i am older that her, but not THAT much older. i don't look like a fall chicken yet, do i?}}

i spent today with kelly scrappin at SO. lots done, good times, and even a super duper delivery! they get the best stuff! after spending the morning there we went to the gypsy den for a great lunch! and then on to the art bar. we both found lots of unexpected goodies here. glaze pens, stickles paints, vintage sheet music, antique typewriter keys, yummy paper, fibers, screw top brads, so many treasures! i am ready to do it all again anytime you can kelly. thanks for a great day! it was fun exploring such a great shoppe with you!

tomorrow night my husband i are finally going to the pagent of the masters! i love this kind of art as well. if any of you are in southern california in july or august, you must get tickets to this. do it early because it sells out months before it starts. a great annual event in laguna beach! a fav of mine for sure. tomorrow will be my husbands first time. i am hoping he enjoys it. its not really his kinda thing. he is dove hunting in the am which is more his nature. this is my febble attempt at expanding his horizons. actually i know he'll appreciate it, yet wonder next year... why we are doing it again. smile!

i hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend. be happy!

Tuesday, August 29

testing, testing, 1 2 3...

this has got to be my lucky day!!!!
these are the photos
i have tried unsuccessfully to add all week.
this is
my sweet friend kelly
and her too cute page
shiela the cat.
can you imagine,
she thinks she is a questionable scrapper?!
the girls rawks!!!
as do her pages!!
and yes,
she is the one with uber talented,
cook, car fixer, brownie baker husband extrodonaire!!
(sp ck)

this is
the one and only
kelli crowe.
the cutest little snipit of a girl.
she is talent perfected
to fit
into the
i've ever seen.
talent plus!
great class!
fun projects!
darling teacher!

here is the bathroom.
now remember
its suppose to be
funky, fun tropical.
that is the look
i am going for.
but its not done.
keep that in mind.
did i tell you
it was vintage chic?
you have to squint and turn the lights down
see.. can you see it?

well happy people. what more is there? i can post photos at last. it's a good thing!

how's this for a bit of excitment!?

oh my goodness! what a past 20 minutes its been! i'm home today. i have e. we are doing our morning rountine... blah, blah, blah.

i'm in the back of the house doing chores, i hear e scream! you know {the scream}. right ? the mom, nanny! i need you! somethings happened scream! i run down the hall to find e in the kitchen, scrunched up by the fridge with his hands over his mouth. "there's a hummingbird by the window" {me... wow! he knows what a hummingbird is?} i turn to the living room to see the psyco beagle harley on the couch jumping over the back, and i hear chirping! chirping! yes, the bird is by the window... IN MY HOUSE. with harley hot on his tail. startled, e and i go out the front door, after shouting to harley his release command, which he has yet to learn. aaagghhhh!!!! i have had bird in the house once before. i know how hard it is to get them to find the door they just flew in from. add 1 beagle puppy, 1 scared 4 year old boy and 1 startled nanny! out the door we go. we see *80 year old charlie from next door, tell him of our delemma, and {key in mighty mouse music} here he comes to save the day!

next scene...

charlie says lets separate the dog and the bird. good thinking. i keep e on the porch... the look on his face said he wasn't coming in anyway. front door open. ethyn outside. me getting the dogs leash and tieing him out back so we can keep the back door open so 1 bird can fly out.

aaaand action...

charlies walking {the i'm 80 years old walk} around the living room. moving nothing. turns and says, "well i guess he already flew out". what? when? we haven't even begun looking. i'm the kinda girl who needs evidence. i can't be expected to sit in the house with a child, if there may or may not be an injured birth lurking, who may or may not be as scared as we are, who may or may not decided to plan his escape! i have literally one second to think all of this when...

harley pulls off the leash. duh! beagle. scent hound. thru the house. past chalrie. past me. past ethyn, and out the front door. and he's offffff............. O!!!!!!!!!!!!M!!!!!!!!!!G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i high tale it out the door after harley the race dog! charlie says goodbye, as though all is over with the bird. i thank charlie for his help, sit e on the porch and tell him "DON'T move!" in a voice that tells him i mean business. now, picture a 42 year old woman {me}, in her pajamas, chasing a 9 month old beagle thru the hood. i am shocked at his speed! look at him go, i think as i watch him turn the corner. ????? charlie springs into action, calling out that he'll chase him in his truck. i grab e, my keys, lock the door and hop in the audi saying a silent prayer that the dog won't be hit by a car! good night!!!!!! and all this before 9:30 in the am.

10 minutes later. 1 dog caught. 1 80 year old neighbor thanked!!!!! 1 scared child and his nanny cautiously enter the house, put the dog out, close up the front of the house and retreat to the back of the house! thank god for that hall door!!!! i consider putting the cat up front, but don't want the bird hurt. i call my husband and tell him of our morning adventures, and here i sit sorting it all out with you......shaking my head.

thanks for listening.
nothing more to say.

and yes... i am still planning to make dinner tonight!

Monday, August 28

thanks rhonna..

for jumpstarting my creativity! i started out this month with rhonna's 21 day challenge. i commited to making one thing everyday that i love. i didn't think the habit would be everlasting, but so far, so good. i have been a busy girl!

unfortunatly i am not able to post photos for some wird reason. no show, so i will tell

my husband and i recently traded bathrooms. long story short, i now have the tiny one, but it's in my bedroom. big perk for me! i've had it for about 2 months and haven't been able to decide what to do with it. its old, and mismatched. very shabby chic, vintage ~ if you turn the lights down and sqwint your eyes a bit. well, i happened onto some inspiration, part pottery barn kids and part scrapbook oasis{ i love their decor}. i now have a very shabby, tropical bath. i painted the room *sunny yellow*, ordered fabric from pattery barn {sheets really} and made a window and shower valance out of rafia. it looks like a hula skirt! i love it. it is bright and tropical, and no where near done. but it is fresh, funky, and fun! whaa~ la

i also made two gifts that unfortunatly i can't say more about. they are for rebecca's girls and they read my blog, so i must shush about it any further. although its early to be think of the holidays, when i spied these darling*gifts* i knew exactly which two girls should have them.

i hope i keep this creative streak going a bit longer. i am even feeling the urge to cook! something that doesn't happen often. now, if i can just make it to the grocery before the urge leaves me. that should be septembers goal! to start making dinner. i don't know why i find it such a daunting task. possibly because i don't really know how to cook. i'm quite sure thats it. and then you're suppose to do it every night. good lord, no wonder i just give up even attempting it! i need those quick, easy dinner plans. something good, healthy... oh and something that doesn't require a trip to a specialty shoppe. if anyone has a recipe that fits that discription, please share. i am so bad at dinner, that i've even concidered hiring it out. you know, those women who love to cook and are good at it? i saw something once about a lady who would come to your house and make the meals. she'd shop, come over and prepare everything in your home, then pack it all in the fridge. all i'd have to do is put it out. i've really thought about it. but i haven't hit the lotto, and i'm absolutly positive my husband would think i've lost my mind!

ok. that's it! my new and improved goal, is to make dinner! i know i can do it! how hard can it be? i watch the cooking chanel all the time. tomorrow i will go to the grocery market. i will not pass go, will not collect $200 until i do. besides, i have e tomorrow and he loves those car buggies! it's a date! ralphs or bust! wish me well... and if you do have an easy recipe, without too many ingredients, i'll take it. really. e-mail me, leave it in the comments. we aren't picky, we'll eat anything. send those recipes!! i'll make it, take a photo, and post it as long as blogger lets me. TIA. be happy stranger friends!

Thursday, August 24

This has been a great week!

this has been such a great week! i love being busy!
full of fun
new watercolor classes
beach side road trips
scrapping with friends
kelli crowe classes
happy times
lunch out
great weather
fun friends
and just sunshine and happiness all around
life is good!
i met with my friend Kelly in san diego on thursday and had a great time scrapping with her. she did this awsome layout of her sweet kitty! i love it! {which blogger isn't letting post for some odd reason} this from the one who gives herself *no credit* for her scrapping skills! i wish i were as untalented as she :) i can't wait to go again, and scrap as well as search out some great new finds. i have a feeling she, her mother and i could have the best time!

after a great day together, her extra~talented husband made us dinner {yummy}, brownies for desert, and FIXED my car before i left for a 100 mile drive home! yes! i said fixed my car!!
{{she married well}}

as we were chatting over dinner, i mentioned a light came on in my car as i arrived at their house that morning. it was the oil light. and to my surprise, yens procedes to tell me this is the worse thing to happen to a car. THE WORST! i thought he was kidding, until kelly warned me tact wasn't his strong point. i'm such a california girl. i have no idea about cars, like i told yens... i like them working and preferably full of gas! well, faster than fast, he had everything under control. i made it safely home thanks to him! 3 cheers for yens! oh, and by the way... the brownies were soooooooo good! {as was dinner} gotta love a man that cooks, bakes, and knows his automobiles! good job finding that well rounded man, kel!!! you go girl!

friday kelly, her mom and i were at Scrapbook Oasis taking a class with Kelli Crowe . her first ever! i don't know how she managed to pack so much into an evening, but it was great! we did 3 darling projects. fun, fun, fun! she even gave away great *stuff*, i think just about everyone walked away with some sort of freeby, creative little gift. cute, energetic girlie girl. so glad i was able to go.

Scrapbook Oasis is my new favorite shoppe. i was lucky enough to be there friday just as mr UPS came in, followed by mr FED EX. the girls there are so good. they open those boxes right up and let you dive right in. i'm telling you it feels like christmas mornings when i was a kid! i always feel so lucky to be there when that happens! too much fun.

today i spent recouping with ethyn. he loved his *rock star* layout i made in kelli's class last night! we were home all day, with the exception of a walk to the park around the corner with him and harley {the beagle}. we only left home for dinner out at a little taco place. after a busy week i am glad too, for a nice weekend at home. balance right?

hope you all spend sunday {the way you like it}
doing the things you like to do
with the ones you love
Be Happy

Wednesday, August 23

do i look like an artist?

because just having all this ~ stuff~ makes me feel like one. i am SO glad i took my dear friends advice and signed up for {a fun class}! i can't wait to start painting!

it has been a busy weeek, and i love it! it makes me feel alive to have so much to do. i read somewhere to look at having stuff to do, as a blessing. thats not my natural way of looking at things, but it sounds good. i tend to just enjoy it all. i don't mind driving around, running errands, here and there, finding new things, or just doing the usual. like...

i told my son i wasn't driving him to college and that he has to get his lisence! well, he didn't pass the test last week, so i am driving him to college. i know he'll pass the next time. until then, i actually like being back in the morning routine with him. i have driven him to and from school everyday of his life except those few days *i forgot him* {his words} which were actually, i'm sitting stuck somewhere, not shopping endlessly just so he would have to walk the 5 blocks home. i like our stops at starbucks, and chatting about class, listening to mark & brian, or having him teach me what current music i really should be listening to! i am glad my son is still with me in the morning. maybe having that kind of stuff to do is a blessing. i would never have remembered how much i missed our mornings together had he passed his test. that may be a blessing as well, but i wouldn't dare say that to him! shh...

tomorrow i get to meet a friend in san diego for a day of scrapping together. i love little outtings like this as well, and know it will be fun to scout uncharted territory {for me} as we will be in her neck of the words, so to speak.

i hope you all have a wonderful day, and do something you enjoy!! i think i may go play with paint!
ciao chica's! be good. and sassy!!!

Tuesday, August 22

this is the busiest week i've had all summer...

so to combat stress, i am off to Disneyland! i love Disneyland as much as i do fabric, and paper, and art! FYI my class starts tonight! Yippy Skippy! i'll catch up with you all tomorrow! ethyn and i are off!

the photo above was from his first trip to the magic kingdom! love! love! love!

Sunday, August 20

did i tell you i love fabric?

pillows made!

this was my other treat!!
enjoy the weekend!

Saturday, August 19

~weekend update~

since getting my sewing machine out yesterday, i feel renewed energy for creating. little did i think i would be sewing so early in the year! i usually wait until cooler days.

with my husband and son in a rush for new sofa pillows (after tossing the ones that came with our new furniture), and my not being able to find any we like, my husband suggested i make some. after yesterdays success in the bedroom {sounds kinky, huh?} i went out to the fabric shoppe and feel into a deep trance! i love fabric!!! i am sure this is where my love of paper comes in. plus paper is cheap, so i never tell my self no with it. fabric however is different. i have swarn off buying any more until i make something. with the bed shams and table cover out of the way yesterday, i was off to the shoppe today :) this is what i found for the sofa pillows. i even bought a neck roll pillow since we all like to lay down when we watch a movie. i should have bought 3, i suspect!

while out ethyn gasped, hands over his mouth! as he spied {{power ranger fleece}}. now we don't actually let him watch power rangers, but he knows who they are. he told me he "hit the jackpot!" so i had to get it for him! i know exactly how he feels! as soon as it was in our buggy he looked at me and said he had shopped long enough. he then said

"nan, you ready to go cut this baby up?"

no wonder i've fallen love! i am so partial to boys also! i think it comes from growing up with no men around. except my grandfather, who basically looked at me with stars in his eyes. at least it felt that way to me. maybe because thats the way i looked at him. and thats the way i look at *e*. i think its me who's hit the jackpot!!

and an update for those of you who read this. my husband didn't even notice the bed made, the clothes put away, or the new additions to the bedroom yesterday. {although he did thank me for washing the fishing clothes, after he heard our son thank me.} this from the man who can sniff out one pair of newly purchased shoes hidden deep in the closet, as soon as he walks thru the door. a skill i believe he learned after being married to a woman who *found* diamond watches and such.

i hope i am as productive with these pillow as i was yesterday. i do have e today. he is napping on *power ranger fleece*, unsewn and unwashed. gross i know, but he's a boy, it won't kill him, and it made him so happy! but i won't attemp the pillows while he is here. i will comit to posting a photo as it serves as a great motivator for me to do these in a timely manner.

i hope the rest of you are enjoying what is left of summer! i love the beautiful weather this weekend! can't wait to have a cold beer with my {{hunny}} when he gets home! everyone enjoy!

Friday, August 18


something that has taken a year and half to start,
took an hour and a half to make!
a great start to another sunny so cal weekend!


and i'm off to make laaa!

todays creative endeavour

seeing as this week has found me in a bit of a creative rut, i am hoping to spur on some action by taking care of a few long put off tasks.

the mess above is my bed. scary huh? well, i really am a clean girl just not very tidy. this apple didn't fall far from it's tree. so this a my feeble attemp at righting a wrong. i'm hoping my husband will appreciate it! {last night when he returned from a fishing trip, he had a bit of a yell at the site of our bed, yikes! thou it didn't look like this. it was just unmade with my day clothes on it.} he's not much of a screamer, so i decided he was just tired and not really upset with me at all. today however his rant has had an effect. so in my usual manner, i gather all the bits and pieces around my room. i don't know why, but i set them on the bed {because it looks tidier i suppose} until they are put back in the prospective homes. so the room is now tidy but the bed is a bit clutered. and those precious little kitties are still as quiet and comfy as can be.

and so...
i have now decided to take a break from such tasks and create...

i have long wanted to make a table cover and shams to match the curtains in my room. i suppose i believe mr wonderful won't mind the mess, so long as our room looks like a doll house. crazyness!! so i am off to make them. then i will finish that other little project of putting the extras away! and i will post the after photo as soon as it has all been done, but please don't time me. i am under enough stress now that i have made the decision and said it aloud to all of you faithful listeners. wish me well...

Thursday, August 17


it looks like summer is over. with my son graduating this past spring, i thought my summer would simply blend into fall unannounced. i figured my days of being up ever morning to get someone up and out of the house were over and now i would herald in a new chapter in my life. i thought wrong. yes, i am starting anew, but i won't be as carefree as i thought, not just yet. new classes, work, tuesdays with ethyn, and my son starting college will fill my days with busy ~ ness. thanks to our great so cal weather it'll still look and feel like summer when ever i have the chance to be out and about.

i work very part time {as in 3 -8 days a month}, but after having the past two months off, i went back to work yesterday. i like what i do, i'm a personal assistant. i love the couple i work for. i spend my days with them running errands. all the things i do for my family i do for theirs. well, not all the same. to me, i get to do the fun stuff and nothing yucky! no kids! no cleaning! no grocery shopping! every morning someone hands me a list of what to do, then gives me a credit card and keys to a mercedes! and at the end of it all, i get paid. not bad work if you can get it!

i didn't however miss the traffic! yikes! and i witnessed a terrible accident as well! thank god no one was hurt. a man plowed right into a woman {and her 4 month new audi} right in front of me, as he ran a red light. then the creep hopped on the freeway and left! i couldn't believe it! what are people thinking? not even man enough to accept responsiblity for his error! big ol creepy~creep! i was so thankful and thrilled when i gave my report to the police later in the day, and was told someone followed him after seeing the accident, and the police had him in custody. so grateful to those who aren't so self absorbed that they choose not to get involved! kudos to whomever helped catch this thief! bravo all you brave enough to stand up for truth and honesty!! it is a choice!!! remember that next time you see someone wronged. we can all make a difference! and we all make this world what it is! be the change you want to see in the world!

{ok, i'm getting off my soap box... for the moment}

then last night my daughter and i went to see Wicked the Musical! i so love it. the music, the charachters, the costumes. the story of two girls so different yet building a strong friendship and bond. love! love! love! it was jamie's first time and she was just as impressed as i am. i stayed up far too late, and unfortunately the only creations made today were memories with my daughter, and a good conscience for stopping to help the woman in the accident. two good things, really.

i start a watercolor class on monday. i think its monday... i better look. opps! nope, i start tuesday evening. tuesdays will be a bit busy this fall, i have my grandson tuesdays. but i have always wanted to know how to paint and watercolors are my favorite. i'm glad to finally be taking this class. if i am brave i will share what we do. wish me luck, as i am not a painter.

so far this am i have been to the dr, gotten a pedicure, stopped by target, had lunch, and now hope to get a little something done around the house. {why is it easy to do for others, as in my job, yet i procrastinate when doing it for myself?} looks like i'll spend the rest of today cleaning, creating and hopefully having something new to share. i think i just answered my own question. it's easy because at work i don't have to clean. oh... and the moneys a nice incentive too!

be good, be happy and do something for yourself today!!

Monday, August 14

~Maui~ altered book

as you can see i am not yet finished... soon!!

todays crative endevour {as part of rhonna's 21 day challenge} was to get over to the art supply warehouse for more great tombow ABT , dula tip, acid free markers (click on dual brush pen). the best markers i've ever used! uber love em! if you get a chance check em out!! super saturated color!! in 100's of shades! still keepin the challenge going! i hope your all doing it too! fun, challenging, and rewarding at the same time!!

days 9-now...

this really has been the project de jour. i started this book months ago, and want it done! outta here! finito! here are the photos

Saturday, August 12

The Art Bar

create, create, create...

do you ever get behind in your projects? i know i sure do. i start so many things and before they are done, i am starting something else. everywhere i look i see so many wonderful things, be it online, in some of our great local art and paper shoppes, the LSS, and the great things over at 2P's. i love all the ispiration! well the past few days have been spent finishing up a few of those projects before they wind up a in a scrap heap. i have definately let things sit around to the point where once rediscovered i wonder... did i really like this paper? and into the city dump they go {actually not, i'm a nut about recycling}.

one of the things i finished was a small baby book for my niece. she and her mom always have their camera's handy. yet with the anticipation of the first baby in their family, the camera was no where to be found. nerves, excitment, i think it all took over. i'd taken my camera to the hospital and soon found only these and a few others picutures were taken there. so into a small book they went. it's finished and now i can concentrait on a few other straggling projects.

i spent my time of thursday trying to finish an altered book i started months ago. its for a family trip to maui. i've just discovered these great books thru a friend Rebecca Sawyer. she is an altered book artist. check out this and this {she makes custom books}! i went from Scrapbook Oasis to The Art Bar, and was able to get so much done. i love being at SO as i was lucky enough to be there when Fedex and UPS showed up with lots of great stuff!!! they even let me shop from the shipping boxes! how much did i love that!!!

next up, The Art Bar. i can't say enough about this treasure trove of goodness! Kat and Rachel {the art tenders, how cute is that?} are so knowlegable and willing to show you how to use everything. they say they have over 1000 stamps and i am trying to use them all. they have embossing powders and tools, stamps, probably 50 different inks pad, scraps of paper, paint, punches, tools galore! too much to mention! and you can use it all for only$5 an hour, or $15 a day!!! unbelievable studio!!! {{don't quote me on all of the particulars, i am just a customer!!!}}there are other items they charge a small fee for, like some really great artist paints, and a few other things. and they have a great store as well. i love getting lost here!! if you ever get a chance go!!!! run, don't walk!!

of course as soon as i finished up a few things, i started another. it's a book for all our vacation photos, over 200. not really small at all, huh? i spent all day friday back at scrapbook oasis working on it. i am determined to get these things done! oh, and i also have to get ready for a sidewalk sale at Scrapbook Depot (no website) in Los Alamitos. can i say multi task?

well, this crazy girl is spending her saturday morning as she has most of her life... coffee, tv off {cartoons aren't on anymore ethyn. that was the last show, sorry}, radio on, window open, breakfast, throw in some wash, who wants to vacuum? i'll do the bathrooms....

and when its all done, lets see... it's 9:09 so say by 11:00 with everyone showered as well, we will be off to have fun. kids choice. always on saturday!

have great day!

Thursday, August 10

day 8 and counting! i can't quite believe i'm still in!!!

here's day 8. my creation as part of rhonna's 21 day challenge. it really is a challenge to keep up with this! this is the first challenge i will finish. her last one was a bit wonky, with interuptions and delays. for me i lost stamina and quit. but so long as she keeps posting, i'll keep it up too.

the above is for the society of scrappin sisters cirle journal i am in. there are 8 of us in the group. we each made a journal, and selected our topic for said journal. we pass the journals thru the post and when they arrive, we work in them. each sister had {named her game} and we are to work accordingly. it really is alot of fun to see whats coming. its a mystery until it arrives. until now, if any of the sisiters read this, they will know the topic of this journal. i will keep quiet about who's it is, shhh. the idea here...

{{Congratulations! You have just won a competition hosted by Paper Crafts Magazine! As the winner you will be privileged to have any one scrap boking celebrity over for dinner at your home, and then a private all day crop the next day.}}
it was so hard to pick my celeb. i have links to everyone i really like, and i read their blogs daily. some whom i adore, i have already had the opportunity to take classes with, thanks to my lss, Scrapbook Oasis! LOVE their classes! and to think i never use to like taking classes. but remember i never use to pay attention to designers, etc.. i musta been scrappin in the twilite zone! who knows. the first time i walked in to SO, tim holtz was there. when they asked me if i was there to see him, i said "oh, i'm sorry i don't know any tim holtz". i thought maybe he was the manager and they were expecting someone for an interview :) what a dork!! well because of rhonna and my search for her book, i found the store, and took classes with her {adore this itty-bitty thing and her style}, tia, emily {whom i've now taken another class from}, and the fab kim henkle! you can find all there links here o my blog. look to the right>>> so blah, blah, blah...
i finally decide to choose elsie flannigan as my celeb. i love her scrappin style, that artsy feel i so go for of late. and she beams even from my computer screen. so todays entry is what i did on one layout, of 2 that i had been assigned. the writing is my feeble attempt at stephanie's rockin handwritting. i so want her to teach a class on that, but it hasn't happened just yet. one can hope. until then i am left to studying her work from her online journals. i can't get enough of her handwritting. i have always hated mine, but no more. a mixture of freestyle lessons from the freestyle girls, and looking at steph's work and alas i can write on my pages. i can't tell you number of scrapbooks i have over the past 12 years that have *no* writting in them because i always felt mine was so horrid! but no more! it really is freeing to finally be able to log my thoughts on these pages i worry over. so, a huge thanks steph, and you freestyle girls. many years worth of inability have been washed clean away. it really has made a difference in how i feel about this craft i so enjoy!
smile and be happy! i am off to The Art Bar today... come join me if you can!

Wednesday, August 9

day 7~ i'm still on track!

here's day 7. a little baby book for my neice and her beautiful son, blake! {i hope she doesn't mind the photos out here for the world to see!} it was just a quick little something i put together for her. i'm going to take it to here today, when i see that darling little boy again. i'm so partial to boys. and he is such a gem!

off to create a bit before the heat takes over my {studio}. still sounds a bit silly to say. i never really thought about having one. and the only reason i do now, is because my husband decided he {couldn't share that room for one more minute, with those cats}. my little sweeties? i can't imagine. now the phsyco beagle harley can eat numerous pairs of shoes, everyones undies, two or three throws, my pillowcase, ethyns sand toys, dig endlessly the lawn we are baby~ing back to life. but two sweet old cats, that do nothing but move from my bed to thier kitty condo to resume sleeping are cause to get an office outside the home. i don't see it. clearly i am a cat person, and he is not! so... here i sit in my *studio* with rowdy and china. and we are as content as could be. in reality, i am sorry he was so put out by the two little beasts :) purr, purr, purr....

everyone have a great day, do something fun!!!

and again, sorry for the order of the photos! drives me mad trying to figure out how to get them to upload in the order i place them. go figure!

Tuesday, August 8

day 6 and counting!

like others i have fallen short. not so much in the creating part of my goal, focus, etc...of rhonna's challenge, but rather in the posting arena! bad girl! no worries, i'm back.

i actually have been doing layouts. but somehow i do not have the interest to take photos and post them here. i am beginning to bore with what i have been doing lately, and feel a change coming on. i see myself headed more towards the arty side of scrapbooking. the kind i did in high school.

i don't know about you, but i saved everything when i was young {i still do}. movie tickets, dance tickets, lots and lots of stuff. note to the office, that a cute office aide brought to get me out of english. having it now 25 years later takes me right back there. Tehachapi High School. aaaahhh! not that i want to go back in anyway. no reunions for me! high school girls, yikes! torturous! its not the longing to go back, its the way i felt. the girl in me i was and still am. do we ever really see each other as we are when we are so young? school age children {which is what we were, although we believed otherwise} can be so cruel to one another! my point is that i love having all that ephemera {all that junk really has a name! imagine!}. i love that style of scrapping. everything, and maybe even the kitchen sink! look at this by miss em!

although i have been creating, i am sharing with you the new projects i have been doing. and this little {pixey} wand is no different! the past week at the art bar i got the technique of the month kit which is working with a very plyable, soft metal. sorry didn't get the name... oh wait. ten seconds is the brand. anyhow, with these sheets i made the frame that is project no. 4, and this small wand. its so darling i had to share. this stuff {the 10 second metal} is such fun to work with. i am quite sure i can work it into/onto a page lickity-split! who knows, maybe that will be tomorrows creation! and tomorrow i will try and muster the courage to photograph a few of the layouts i've done. or at least the last two days of projects. now those i do like!!

have great evening! be happy!

day 5 project

i got the idea for this at this website. it was a past project, see kit #3. i tried to order, but couldn't so had to come up with my own version. it falls short as a copy i know, but i loved the idea. i am happy with it, and know soon its limbs will be full of inspiration. i've hung it over my scrappin desk :)

Sunday, August 6

another great weekend with friends!!

this has been a great weekend!! my beautiful friend monsii and her hunky husband nik, were in town from AZ. so off to their new favorite place Walt's Wharf in seal beach! steamers and ice cold drinks all around! again, and again, and again! i don't know anyone with a higher metabolism than nik!!! add a few orders of oysters, rockin sour dough, a salad, and one koby burger to share. mix in a stop off by my brother-in-law (photo with my hubby above) and his more valuable~than~gold wife (photo w/moi) and it was a great evening all around. the kind where you have to try and walk some of it off before you can even drive home!!! not the alcohol, the food. you know, or your gonna have to embarass yourself and unbutton the top button of your pants. don't laugh! you've done it before too!!! we so enjoy their company, all four!!!

i have stuck with my challenge and will post those photos later. i can't quite get the hang of this photo poster thingy... it stuck the project, art, creative masterpiece (ha!) right in the middle of the other photo's so i deleted it. i promise i will leave evidence of my stick-to-it-iveness tomorrow!!!

here's to a great sunday evening.

cheers cyber buds!

Friday, August 4

10 big surprises in my life..and day 4 of the challenge!

one blog, lead to another, lead to another, lead to this....

list 10 big surprises in your lifetime
{may be very revealing, don't look if you don't want the truth}

1. september 11
2. getting pregnant at 16
3. a rekindled friendship, that would end all too soon with her death from breast cancer
4. the impact of my grandmothers and sharons influence on who i am
5. that the marriage i admired in my grandparents, wasn't what i thought it was
6. the huge difference in raising boys and girls!!!
7. that volunteer work would be such a big part of my life
9. that i would SO love being "Nan", to my beloved "E"!!
10. when my daughter eloped and didn't tell me for a month, but felt me out with ____ and i are thinking of getting married! yikes... didn't see that one coming!

try and do this, then send me a link so i can see your answers. its quite thought provoking and liberating to do!

side note: favorite quote of the week fom just turned four ethyn. he came into the kitchen carrying the scale and handed it to me and said...

Nan, see how much my feet weigh.

how can you not love these babies?!?

have a great day stranger friends!!

oohh! and my creation of the day!!! yes. i used pink on a boys picture frame. and i'll tell you the same thing i told ethyn when he wanted a pink balloon at the fair. he asked, "is that okay, Nan? if i want pink a pink balloon?" and i thought for 1 milla~second and said "that's fine e". and he took it in, and said... "it's ok if boys like pink, that's fine." and so, yes. i used pink. because i like it. and for no other reason. and do i think it's fine? absolutely!!

Thursday, August 3

oops! forgot the photo...

the inky~dinky pen!!! but ain't it cute?? in my maui colors even!!!! gotta love that!

day 3's little tinsy art creation

rememeber, everyday for 21 days i am following rhonna's blog and taking part in her rockin inspirational challenge to make or break a habit. mine is to create {something i like} everyday. easy to create things i don't like. like a big 'ol messy house!

yikes, is that my husband i hear pulling up? how fast can i tidy? do you think in the time it takes him to get off the phone and into the house? hopefully it will be a loooooong call! that's usually the scene as he comes pulling up. where does the day go?!?

so... todays creation is like i said, teeny~tiny! but i really like it!!! it's a pen make with LOTS of beads and some sort of tacky tape, can't rememeber the name. one thing, thats all i commited to. and besides i had to finish yesterdays project, which i'm still trying to photograph. sorry.

off to tidy this big ol' mess!! wish me speedy hands and feet!!! and my husband a loooong call. not too long, just enough for me to have the house looking like someone lives here:) and enjoys it!

ciao chickies, and dudes!!

the cover of day 2's creation

well here is the cover of my day 2 creation for rhonn's 21 day challenge. i love the photo of the two bears, they're shocked at a store front, featuring {real} bear skins!!gave me the thought of a small booklet for photos of time spent with frinds. my goal in progress! this isn't the art journal this *is my goal, to create something everyday!! i just finished (almost) day twos! i wish i were better at photographing this for you to see. it actually hold about 20 pictures. i will continue to try and take photos to show!! rememebr that was the {{word of the day}} yesterday!! *try*


inside of day 2's art project

this is the inside of the above photo folder. the top window opens to reveal a booklet that holds 6 photos, again i am trying to photograph it so it makes sence. the bottom booklet opens to reveal 3 more photos.

this challenge is great!!!

this 21 day challenge of rhonna's is working for me! i have been so productive and hope to be even more so today. i started a project i have been thinking about for a few days. it's just as cute and functional as i hoped. i will share it as soon as i finish the embellishments. i actually just photographed it to post. looking at it the photos i see that i really need the embelishments first. it photographs {bare bones} without! if you come back later let me know what you think.

in other news....

i just planned a trip up north. i am from northern california and love being in *the city (san francisco) when it is dressed for christmas! have tickets, will travel! the weekend after thanksgiving i will be in the city, then spending the weekend in napa with my cousin!!! i am so happy about this. she is the best girl! we get together and laugh and laugh! love having something in the future to look forward to. think of the inspiration!!!

my desk is a mess, laundrys in the wash, house need to be tidied, so i must go.... i won't be away long. i want to keep up with {the challenge} finishing yesterdays project, and starting todays. i already know what it is! can't wait to share!!

have a great day! be good to yourself, and be good to those you love!!

Wednesday, August 2

day 2, round 5

no one knows...

rhonna's quote for today is great! "no one knows what he can do, until he tries."

in her 21 day challenges, you chose a habit to make or break, then commit to the habit for 21 days. simple enough. the rewarding part is that each day she posts great, thought provoking quotes that help me stay commited.

trying is the key to any change. i too often make decision, then give up, with the slightest slip-up on my part. i make no room for allowances. i need to focus on trying, not expecting perfection. that's what i need to {try} and remember!

in other news...

since elsie flanningan gave the challenge to start a ~me art journal~ last week, i've tweeked it into something i want to do. i am trying to make something everyday i love! what i am really trying to do, is decide if i want to teach. it's not something i am yet commited to but it's something i am interested in. i figure if i have enough ideas pouring out of me for new and different things, it is a possiblity.

{{no one knows what he can do, until *she* trys}}

i think i will change my habit for rhonna's blog. i had originally decided i would exercise everyday. instead i am going to create one thing everyday! something i really like. that sounds like more fun!!!

Tuesday, August 1

i've been tagged, and now you have too!

i've been tagged thru stephanie's blog {very talented girl indeed} take a peeky~weeky!
here goes...

Five things in my freezer...a bottle of vodka {for bloody mary sundays}, cool cup holders, tri~tip, ice, and Dryer's Reese's peanut butter cup ice cream

Five things in my {too many}, hanging clothes, hidden See's candy, and two porcelain dolls i made {Anne and Diana, from Anne of Green Gables}

Five things in my car... ethyns car seat, black towel {to sit on when the seats get hot}, window visor {i all too often forget to use}, Purell hand sanitizer, lots and lots and lots of lip gloss, chapstick, blistex...

Five things in my purse...more lip paraphenalia, two checkbooks, lots of card {disneyland passes, bally's pass, orange county marketplace gift certs}, a darling coin purse from Italy, and hopefully the house keys!!!!

Five things on my desk... Aqua glue, too many reciepts, sissors, tweezers {for crafts, not eyebrows} and memory jars {from maui, huntington beach and laguna beach}

People I am tagging... like stephanie, any of you who read this. leave a comment with your link, and i'll check out your answers!!

click on the photos to enlarge and read

{{ rhonna's challenge is back, baby }}

I love these challenges! and to think just a few short months ago i didn't even know who this {{girlie girl}} was! she is rhonna farrer, uber talented scrappin diva. i happened across her name 1001 times over @ 2P's and finally googled her, found her blog (love a good blog), read about her famed *Freestyle* collaberation @ Autumn Leaves. from there clicked a link to get the book, discovered Scrapbook Oasis, learned I do like classes!!! thank you, thank you, oh thank you! and was lucky enought to sign up for a freestyle workshop {the scrappin gods must like me!} with four rock star girls, tia bennett {who i called ellie all night, don't know why i thought that was her name, still sorry about that!}, emily falconbridge for whom i now sit like a puppy at the door of her blog each morning, waiting for my inspirational bone, kim henkel pipe cleaner godess~extrodonaire, and the ever~inspirational, teeny-tiny rhonna farrer. anyway rhonna started her 21 day challenge this am, and i am so excited. we each pick a habit we want to start or break and everyday fo 21 days commit to this new habit. we log our progress and spur ourselves on with an art journal. thats where you find me this am!

now click on any of the links above, and join the fun! theres room for all of us!!
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