Friday, August 4

10 big surprises in my life..and day 4 of the challenge!

one blog, lead to another, lead to another, lead to this....

list 10 big surprises in your lifetime
{may be very revealing, don't look if you don't want the truth}

1. september 11
2. getting pregnant at 16
3. a rekindled friendship, that would end all too soon with her death from breast cancer
4. the impact of my grandmothers and sharons influence on who i am
5. that the marriage i admired in my grandparents, wasn't what i thought it was
6. the huge difference in raising boys and girls!!!
7. that volunteer work would be such a big part of my life
9. that i would SO love being "Nan", to my beloved "E"!!
10. when my daughter eloped and didn't tell me for a month, but felt me out with ____ and i are thinking of getting married! yikes... didn't see that one coming!

try and do this, then send me a link so i can see your answers. its quite thought provoking and liberating to do!

side note: favorite quote of the week fom just turned four ethyn. he came into the kitchen carrying the scale and handed it to me and said...

Nan, see how much my feet weigh.

how can you not love these babies?!?

have a great day stranger friends!!

oohh! and my creation of the day!!! yes. i used pink on a boys picture frame. and i'll tell you the same thing i told ethyn when he wanted a pink balloon at the fair. he asked, "is that okay, Nan? if i want pink a pink balloon?" and i thought for 1 milla~second and said "that's fine e". and he took it in, and said... "it's ok if boys like pink, that's fine." and so, yes. i used pink. because i like it. and for no other reason. and do i think it's fine? absolutely!!
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