Sunday, August 6

another great weekend with friends!!

this has been a great weekend!! my beautiful friend monsii and her hunky husband nik, were in town from AZ. so off to their new favorite place Walt's Wharf in seal beach! steamers and ice cold drinks all around! again, and again, and again! i don't know anyone with a higher metabolism than nik!!! add a few orders of oysters, rockin sour dough, a salad, and one koby burger to share. mix in a stop off by my brother-in-law (photo with my hubby above) and his more valuable~than~gold wife (photo w/moi) and it was a great evening all around. the kind where you have to try and walk some of it off before you can even drive home!!! not the alcohol, the food. you know, or your gonna have to embarass yourself and unbutton the top button of your pants. don't laugh! you've done it before too!!! we so enjoy their company, all four!!!

i have stuck with my challenge and will post those photos later. i can't quite get the hang of this photo poster thingy... it stuck the project, art, creative masterpiece (ha!) right in the middle of the other photo's so i deleted it. i promise i will leave evidence of my stick-to-it-iveness tomorrow!!!

here's to a great sunday evening.

cheers cyber buds!

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