Saturday, August 12

create, create, create...

do you ever get behind in your projects? i know i sure do. i start so many things and before they are done, i am starting something else. everywhere i look i see so many wonderful things, be it online, in some of our great local art and paper shoppes, the LSS, and the great things over at 2P's. i love all the ispiration! well the past few days have been spent finishing up a few of those projects before they wind up a in a scrap heap. i have definately let things sit around to the point where once rediscovered i wonder... did i really like this paper? and into the city dump they go {actually not, i'm a nut about recycling}.

one of the things i finished was a small baby book for my niece. she and her mom always have their camera's handy. yet with the anticipation of the first baby in their family, the camera was no where to be found. nerves, excitment, i think it all took over. i'd taken my camera to the hospital and soon found only these and a few others picutures were taken there. so into a small book they went. it's finished and now i can concentrait on a few other straggling projects.

i spent my time of thursday trying to finish an altered book i started months ago. its for a family trip to maui. i've just discovered these great books thru a friend Rebecca Sawyer. she is an altered book artist. check out this and this {she makes custom books}! i went from Scrapbook Oasis to The Art Bar, and was able to get so much done. i love being at SO as i was lucky enough to be there when Fedex and UPS showed up with lots of great stuff!!! they even let me shop from the shipping boxes! how much did i love that!!!

next up, The Art Bar. i can't say enough about this treasure trove of goodness! Kat and Rachel {the art tenders, how cute is that?} are so knowlegable and willing to show you how to use everything. they say they have over 1000 stamps and i am trying to use them all. they have embossing powders and tools, stamps, probably 50 different inks pad, scraps of paper, paint, punches, tools galore! too much to mention! and you can use it all for only$5 an hour, or $15 a day!!! unbelievable studio!!! {{don't quote me on all of the particulars, i am just a customer!!!}}there are other items they charge a small fee for, like some really great artist paints, and a few other things. and they have a great store as well. i love getting lost here!! if you ever get a chance go!!!! run, don't walk!!

of course as soon as i finished up a few things, i started another. it's a book for all our vacation photos, over 200. not really small at all, huh? i spent all day friday back at scrapbook oasis working on it. i am determined to get these things done! oh, and i also have to get ready for a sidewalk sale at Scrapbook Depot (no website) in Los Alamitos. can i say multi task?

well, this crazy girl is spending her saturday morning as she has most of her life... coffee, tv off {cartoons aren't on anymore ethyn. that was the last show, sorry}, radio on, window open, breakfast, throw in some wash, who wants to vacuum? i'll do the bathrooms....

and when its all done, lets see... it's 9:09 so say by 11:00 with everyone showered as well, we will be off to have fun. kids choice. always on saturday!

have great day!
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