Thursday, August 3

day 3's little tinsy art creation

rememeber, everyday for 21 days i am following rhonna's blog and taking part in her rockin inspirational challenge to make or break a habit. mine is to create {something i like} everyday. easy to create things i don't like. like a big 'ol messy house!

yikes, is that my husband i hear pulling up? how fast can i tidy? do you think in the time it takes him to get off the phone and into the house? hopefully it will be a loooooong call! that's usually the scene as he comes pulling up. where does the day go?!?

so... todays creation is like i said, teeny~tiny! but i really like it!!! it's a pen make with LOTS of beads and some sort of tacky tape, can't rememeber the name. one thing, thats all i commited to. and besides i had to finish yesterdays project, which i'm still trying to photograph. sorry.

off to tidy this big ol' mess!! wish me speedy hands and feet!!! and my husband a loooong call. not too long, just enough for me to have the house looking like someone lives here:) and enjoys it!

ciao chickies, and dudes!!
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