Tuesday, August 8

day 6 and counting!

like others i have fallen short. not so much in the creating part of my goal, focus, etc...of rhonna's challenge, but rather in the posting arena! bad girl! no worries, i'm back.

i actually have been doing layouts. but somehow i do not have the interest to take photos and post them here. i am beginning to bore with what i have been doing lately, and feel a change coming on. i see myself headed more towards the arty side of scrapbooking. the kind i did in high school.

i don't know about you, but i saved everything when i was young {i still do}. movie tickets, dance tickets, lots and lots of stuff. note to the office, that a cute office aide brought to get me out of english. having it now 25 years later takes me right back there. Tehachapi High School. aaaahhh! not that i want to go back in anyway. no reunions for me! high school girls, yikes! torturous! its not the longing to go back, its the way i felt. the girl in me i was and still am. do we ever really see each other as we are when we are so young? school age children {which is what we were, although we believed otherwise} can be so cruel to one another! my point is that i love having all that ephemera {all that junk really has a name! imagine!}. i love that style of scrapping. everything, and maybe even the kitchen sink! look at this by miss em!

although i have been creating, i am sharing with you the new projects i have been doing. and this little {pixey} wand is no different! the past week at the art bar i got the technique of the month kit which is working with a very plyable, soft metal. sorry didn't get the name... oh wait. ten seconds is the brand. anyhow, with these sheets i made the frame that is project no. 4, and this small wand. its so darling i had to share. this stuff {the 10 second metal} is such fun to work with. i am quite sure i can work it into/onto a page lickity-split! who knows, maybe that will be tomorrows creation! and tomorrow i will try and muster the courage to photograph a few of the layouts i've done. or at least the last two days of projects. now those i do like!!

have great evening! be happy!
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