Wednesday, August 9

day 7~ i'm still on track!

here's day 7. a little baby book for my neice and her beautiful son, blake! {i hope she doesn't mind the photos out here for the world to see!} it was just a quick little something i put together for her. i'm going to take it to here today, when i see that darling little boy again. i'm so partial to boys. and he is such a gem!

off to create a bit before the heat takes over my {studio}. still sounds a bit silly to say. i never really thought about having one. and the only reason i do now, is because my husband decided he {couldn't share that room for one more minute, with those cats}. my little sweeties? i can't imagine. now the phsyco beagle harley can eat numerous pairs of shoes, everyones undies, two or three throws, my pillowcase, ethyns sand toys, dig endlessly the lawn we are baby~ing back to life. but two sweet old cats, that do nothing but move from my bed to thier kitty condo to resume sleeping are cause to get an office outside the home. i don't see it. clearly i am a cat person, and he is not! so... here i sit in my *studio* with rowdy and china. and we are as content as could be. in reality, i am sorry he was so put out by the two little beasts :) purr, purr, purr....

everyone have a great day, do something fun!!!

and again, sorry for the order of the photos! drives me mad trying to figure out how to get them to upload in the order i place them. go figure!
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