Thursday, August 10

day 8 and counting! i can't quite believe i'm still in!!!

here's day 8. my creation as part of rhonna's 21 day challenge. it really is a challenge to keep up with this! this is the first challenge i will finish. her last one was a bit wonky, with interuptions and delays. for me i lost stamina and quit. but so long as she keeps posting, i'll keep it up too.

the above is for the society of scrappin sisters cirle journal i am in. there are 8 of us in the group. we each made a journal, and selected our topic for said journal. we pass the journals thru the post and when they arrive, we work in them. each sister had {named her game} and we are to work accordingly. it really is alot of fun to see whats coming. its a mystery until it arrives. until now, if any of the sisiters read this, they will know the topic of this journal. i will keep quiet about who's it is, shhh. the idea here...

{{Congratulations! You have just won a competition hosted by Paper Crafts Magazine! As the winner you will be privileged to have any one scrap boking celebrity over for dinner at your home, and then a private all day crop the next day.}}
it was so hard to pick my celeb. i have links to everyone i really like, and i read their blogs daily. some whom i adore, i have already had the opportunity to take classes with, thanks to my lss, Scrapbook Oasis! LOVE their classes! and to think i never use to like taking classes. but remember i never use to pay attention to designers, etc.. i musta been scrappin in the twilite zone! who knows. the first time i walked in to SO, tim holtz was there. when they asked me if i was there to see him, i said "oh, i'm sorry i don't know any tim holtz". i thought maybe he was the manager and they were expecting someone for an interview :) what a dork!! well because of rhonna and my search for her book, i found the store, and took classes with her {adore this itty-bitty thing and her style}, tia, emily {whom i've now taken another class from}, and the fab kim henkle! you can find all there links here o my blog. look to the right>>> so blah, blah, blah...
i finally decide to choose elsie flannigan as my celeb. i love her scrappin style, that artsy feel i so go for of late. and she beams even from my computer screen. so todays entry is what i did on one layout, of 2 that i had been assigned. the writing is my feeble attempt at stephanie's rockin handwritting. i so want her to teach a class on that, but it hasn't happened just yet. one can hope. until then i am left to studying her work from her online journals. i can't get enough of her handwritting. i have always hated mine, but no more. a mixture of freestyle lessons from the freestyle girls, and looking at steph's work and alas i can write on my pages. i can't tell you number of scrapbooks i have over the past 12 years that have *no* writting in them because i always felt mine was so horrid! but no more! it really is freeing to finally be able to log my thoughts on these pages i worry over. so, a huge thanks steph, and you freestyle girls. many years worth of inability have been washed clean away. it really has made a difference in how i feel about this craft i so enjoy!
smile and be happy! i am off to The Art Bar today... come join me if you can!
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