Wednesday, August 23

do i look like an artist?

because just having all this ~ stuff~ makes me feel like one. i am SO glad i took my dear friends advice and signed up for {a fun class}! i can't wait to start painting!

it has been a busy weeek, and i love it! it makes me feel alive to have so much to do. i read somewhere to look at having stuff to do, as a blessing. thats not my natural way of looking at things, but it sounds good. i tend to just enjoy it all. i don't mind driving around, running errands, here and there, finding new things, or just doing the usual. like...

i told my son i wasn't driving him to college and that he has to get his lisence! well, he didn't pass the test last week, so i am driving him to college. i know he'll pass the next time. until then, i actually like being back in the morning routine with him. i have driven him to and from school everyday of his life except those few days *i forgot him* {his words} which were actually, i'm sitting stuck somewhere, not shopping endlessly just so he would have to walk the 5 blocks home. i like our stops at starbucks, and chatting about class, listening to mark & brian, or having him teach me what current music i really should be listening to! i am glad my son is still with me in the morning. maybe having that kind of stuff to do is a blessing. i would never have remembered how much i missed our mornings together had he passed his test. that may be a blessing as well, but i wouldn't dare say that to him! shh...

tomorrow i get to meet a friend in san diego for a day of scrapping together. i love little outtings like this as well, and know it will be fun to scout uncharted territory {for me} as we will be in her neck of the words, so to speak.

i hope you all have a wonderful day, and do something you enjoy!! i think i may go play with paint!
ciao chica's! be good. and sassy!!!
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