Thursday, August 31

happy thursday!

august has been a great month! it makes me a bit sad to have to bid it farewell, and say hello to september.

i actually like the change of seasons, as much as we have them here in sunny southern california. because we have so little change in our weather, i have become accustom to heralding in the months and the changes they bring.

septembers past, i'd daydream about being in a cooler climate. sending the kids back to school, girls in there plaid skirts and sweaters, boys in there denim and jackets. i've always longed to send my kids off looking like the back-to-school ads. no such luck. shorts and tee's it was, as september is always warm here. i remember each year the kids would head back to school, only to wilt away in a hot classroom. i always felt so sorry for them. thank goodness so many schools have ac now. this is the first year in 20 that i haven't experienced the back-to-school rituals. travis started college, but it's not the same. life changes.

i do believe my season is changing as well. i now officially declare myself a summer chicken, you know... that whole spring chicken thing:) {{i guess it shows. someone asked me today if kelly was my daughter! yikes! i am older that her, but not THAT much older. i don't look like a fall chicken yet, do i?}}

i spent today with kelly scrappin at SO. lots done, good times, and even a super duper delivery! they get the best stuff! after spending the morning there we went to the gypsy den for a great lunch! and then on to the art bar. we both found lots of unexpected goodies here. glaze pens, stickles paints, vintage sheet music, antique typewriter keys, yummy paper, fibers, screw top brads, so many treasures! i am ready to do it all again anytime you can kelly. thanks for a great day! it was fun exploring such a great shoppe with you!

tomorrow night my husband i are finally going to the pagent of the masters! i love this kind of art as well. if any of you are in southern california in july or august, you must get tickets to this. do it early because it sells out months before it starts. a great annual event in laguna beach! a fav of mine for sure. tomorrow will be my husbands first time. i am hoping he enjoys it. its not really his kinda thing. he is dove hunting in the am which is more his nature. this is my febble attempt at expanding his horizons. actually i know he'll appreciate it, yet wonder next year... why we are doing it again. smile!

i hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend. be happy!
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