Tuesday, August 29

how's this for a bit of excitment!?

oh my goodness! what a past 20 minutes its been! i'm home today. i have e. we are doing our morning rountine... blah, blah, blah.

i'm in the back of the house doing chores, i hear e scream! you know {the scream}. right ? the mom, nanny! i need you! somethings happened scream! i run down the hall to find e in the kitchen, scrunched up by the fridge with his hands over his mouth. "there's a hummingbird by the window" {me... wow! he knows what a hummingbird is?} i turn to the living room to see the psyco beagle harley on the couch jumping over the back, and i hear chirping! chirping! yes, the bird is by the window... IN MY HOUSE. with harley hot on his tail. startled, e and i go out the front door, after shouting to harley his release command, which he has yet to learn. aaagghhhh!!!! i have had bird in the house once before. i know how hard it is to get them to find the door they just flew in from. add 1 beagle puppy, 1 scared 4 year old boy and 1 startled nanny! out the door we go. we see *80 year old charlie from next door, tell him of our delemma, and {key in mighty mouse music} here he comes to save the day!

next scene...

charlie says lets separate the dog and the bird. good thinking. i keep e on the porch... the look on his face said he wasn't coming in anyway. front door open. ethyn outside. me getting the dogs leash and tieing him out back so we can keep the back door open so 1 bird can fly out.

aaaand action...

charlies walking {the i'm 80 years old walk} around the living room. moving nothing. turns and says, "well i guess he already flew out". what? when? we haven't even begun looking. i'm the kinda girl who needs evidence. i can't be expected to sit in the house with a child, if there may or may not be an injured birth lurking, who may or may not be as scared as we are, who may or may not decided to plan his escape! i have literally one second to think all of this when...

harley pulls off the leash. duh! beagle. scent hound. thru the house. past chalrie. past me. past ethyn, and out the front door. and he's offffff............. O!!!!!!!!!!!!M!!!!!!!!!!G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i high tale it out the door after harley the race dog! charlie says goodbye, as though all is over with the bird. i thank charlie for his help, sit e on the porch and tell him "DON'T move!" in a voice that tells him i mean business. now, picture a 42 year old woman {me}, in her pajamas, chasing a 9 month old beagle thru the hood. i am shocked at his speed! look at him go, i think as i watch him turn the corner. ????? charlie springs into action, calling out that he'll chase him in his truck. i grab e, my keys, lock the door and hop in the audi saying a silent prayer that the dog won't be hit by a car! good night!!!!!! and all this before 9:30 in the am.

10 minutes later. 1 dog caught. 1 80 year old neighbor thanked!!!!! 1 scared child and his nanny cautiously enter the house, put the dog out, close up the front of the house and retreat to the back of the house! thank god for that hall door!!!! i consider putting the cat up front, but don't want the bird hurt. i call my husband and tell him of our morning adventures, and here i sit sorting it all out with you......shaking my head.

thanks for listening.
nothing more to say.

and yes... i am still planning to make dinner tonight!
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