Tuesday, August 1

i've been tagged, and now you have too!

i've been tagged thru stephanie's blog {very talented girl indeed} take a peeky~weeky!
here goes...

Five things in my freezer...a bottle of vodka {for bloody mary sundays}, cool cup holders, tri~tip, ice, and Dryer's Reese's peanut butter cup ice cream

Five things in my closet...shoes {too many}, hanging clothes, hidden See's candy, and two porcelain dolls i made {Anne and Diana, from Anne of Green Gables}

Five things in my car... ethyns car seat, black towel {to sit on when the seats get hot}, window visor {i all too often forget to use}, Purell hand sanitizer, lots and lots and lots of lip gloss, chapstick, blistex...

Five things in my purse...more lip paraphenalia, two checkbooks, lots of card {disneyland passes, bally's pass, orange county marketplace gift certs}, a darling coin purse from Italy, and hopefully the house keys!!!!

Five things on my desk... Aqua glue, too many reciepts, sissors, tweezers {for crafts, not eyebrows} and memory jars {from maui, huntington beach and laguna beach}

People I am tagging... like stephanie, any of you who read this. leave a comment with your link, and i'll check out your answers!!
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