Wednesday, August 2

no one knows...

rhonna's quote for today is great! "no one knows what he can do, until he tries."

in her 21 day challenges, you chose a habit to make or break, then commit to the habit for 21 days. simple enough. the rewarding part is that each day she posts great, thought provoking quotes that help me stay commited.

trying is the key to any change. i too often make decision, then give up, with the slightest slip-up on my part. i make no room for allowances. i need to focus on trying, not expecting perfection. that's what i need to {try} and remember!

in other news...

since elsie flanningan gave the challenge to start a ~me art journal~ last week, i've tweeked it into something i want to do. i am trying to make something everyday i love! what i am really trying to do, is decide if i want to teach. it's not something i am yet commited to but it's something i am interested in. i figure if i have enough ideas pouring out of me for new and different things, it is a possiblity.

{{no one knows what he can do, until *she* trys}}

i think i will change my habit for rhonna's blog. i had originally decided i would exercise everyday. instead i am going to create one thing everyday! something i really like. that sounds like more fun!!!
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