Tuesday, August 1

{{ rhonna's challenge is back, baby }}

I love these challenges! and to think just a few short months ago i didn't even know who this {{girlie girl}} was! she is rhonna farrer, uber talented scrappin diva. i happened across her name 1001 times over @ 2P's and finally googled her, found her blog (love a good blog), read about her famed *Freestyle* collaberation @ Autumn Leaves. from there clicked a link to get the book, discovered Scrapbook Oasis, learned I do like classes!!! thank you, thank you, oh thank you! and was lucky enought to sign up for a freestyle workshop {the scrappin gods must like me!} with four rock star girls, tia bennett {who i called ellie all night, don't know why i thought that was her name, still sorry about that!}, emily falconbridge for whom i now sit like a puppy at the door of her blog each morning, waiting for my inspirational bone, kim henkel pipe cleaner godess~extrodonaire, and the ever~inspirational, teeny-tiny rhonna farrer. anyway rhonna started her 21 day challenge this am, and i am so excited. we each pick a habit we want to start or break and everyday fo 21 days commit to this new habit. we log our progress and spur ourselves on with an art journal. thats where you find me this am!

now click on any of the links above, and join the fun! theres room for all of us!!
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