Thursday, August 17


it looks like summer is over. with my son graduating this past spring, i thought my summer would simply blend into fall unannounced. i figured my days of being up ever morning to get someone up and out of the house were over and now i would herald in a new chapter in my life. i thought wrong. yes, i am starting anew, but i won't be as carefree as i thought, not just yet. new classes, work, tuesdays with ethyn, and my son starting college will fill my days with busy ~ ness. thanks to our great so cal weather it'll still look and feel like summer when ever i have the chance to be out and about.

i work very part time {as in 3 -8 days a month}, but after having the past two months off, i went back to work yesterday. i like what i do, i'm a personal assistant. i love the couple i work for. i spend my days with them running errands. all the things i do for my family i do for theirs. well, not all the same. to me, i get to do the fun stuff and nothing yucky! no kids! no cleaning! no grocery shopping! every morning someone hands me a list of what to do, then gives me a credit card and keys to a mercedes! and at the end of it all, i get paid. not bad work if you can get it!

i didn't however miss the traffic! yikes! and i witnessed a terrible accident as well! thank god no one was hurt. a man plowed right into a woman {and her 4 month new audi} right in front of me, as he ran a red light. then the creep hopped on the freeway and left! i couldn't believe it! what are people thinking? not even man enough to accept responsiblity for his error! big ol creepy~creep! i was so thankful and thrilled when i gave my report to the police later in the day, and was told someone followed him after seeing the accident, and the police had him in custody. so grateful to those who aren't so self absorbed that they choose not to get involved! kudos to whomever helped catch this thief! bravo all you brave enough to stand up for truth and honesty!! it is a choice!!! remember that next time you see someone wronged. we can all make a difference! and we all make this world what it is! be the change you want to see in the world!

{ok, i'm getting off my soap box... for the moment}

then last night my daughter and i went to see Wicked the Musical! i so love it. the music, the charachters, the costumes. the story of two girls so different yet building a strong friendship and bond. love! love! love! it was jamie's first time and she was just as impressed as i am. i stayed up far too late, and unfortunately the only creations made today were memories with my daughter, and a good conscience for stopping to help the woman in the accident. two good things, really.

i start a watercolor class on monday. i think its monday... i better look. opps! nope, i start tuesday evening. tuesdays will be a bit busy this fall, i have my grandson tuesdays. but i have always wanted to know how to paint and watercolors are my favorite. i'm glad to finally be taking this class. if i am brave i will share what we do. wish me luck, as i am not a painter.

so far this am i have been to the dr, gotten a pedicure, stopped by target, had lunch, and now hope to get a little something done around the house. {why is it easy to do for others, as in my job, yet i procrastinate when doing it for myself?} looks like i'll spend the rest of today cleaning, creating and hopefully having something new to share. i think i just answered my own question. it's easy because at work i don't have to clean. oh... and the moneys a nice incentive too!

be good, be happy and do something for yourself today!!
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