Tuesday, August 29

testing, testing, 1 2 3...

this has got to be my lucky day!!!!
these are the photos
i have tried unsuccessfully to add all week.
this is
my sweet friend kelly
and her too cute page
shiela the cat.
can you imagine,
she thinks she is a questionable scrapper?!
the girls rawks!!!
as do her pages!!
and yes,
she is the one with uber talented,
cook, car fixer, brownie baker husband extrodonaire!!
(sp ck)

this is
the one and only
kelli crowe.
the cutest little snipit of a girl.
she is talent perfected
to fit
into the
i've ever seen.
talent plus!
great class!
fun projects!
darling teacher!

here is the bathroom.
now remember
its suppose to be
funky, fun tropical.
that is the look
i am going for.
but its not done.
keep that in mind.
did i tell you
it was vintage chic?
you have to squint and turn the lights down
see.. can you see it?

well happy people. what more is there? i can post photos at last. it's a good thing!
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