Monday, August 28

thanks rhonna..

for jumpstarting my creativity! i started out this month with rhonna's 21 day challenge. i commited to making one thing everyday that i love. i didn't think the habit would be everlasting, but so far, so good. i have been a busy girl!

unfortunatly i am not able to post photos for some wird reason. no show, so i will tell

my husband and i recently traded bathrooms. long story short, i now have the tiny one, but it's in my bedroom. big perk for me! i've had it for about 2 months and haven't been able to decide what to do with it. its old, and mismatched. very shabby chic, vintage ~ if you turn the lights down and sqwint your eyes a bit. well, i happened onto some inspiration, part pottery barn kids and part scrapbook oasis{ i love their decor}. i now have a very shabby, tropical bath. i painted the room *sunny yellow*, ordered fabric from pattery barn {sheets really} and made a window and shower valance out of rafia. it looks like a hula skirt! i love it. it is bright and tropical, and no where near done. but it is fresh, funky, and fun! whaa~ la

i also made two gifts that unfortunatly i can't say more about. they are for rebecca's girls and they read my blog, so i must shush about it any further. although its early to be think of the holidays, when i spied these darling*gifts* i knew exactly which two girls should have them.

i hope i keep this creative streak going a bit longer. i am even feeling the urge to cook! something that doesn't happen often. now, if i can just make it to the grocery before the urge leaves me. that should be septembers goal! to start making dinner. i don't know why i find it such a daunting task. possibly because i don't really know how to cook. i'm quite sure thats it. and then you're suppose to do it every night. good lord, no wonder i just give up even attempting it! i need those quick, easy dinner plans. something good, healthy... oh and something that doesn't require a trip to a specialty shoppe. if anyone has a recipe that fits that discription, please share. i am so bad at dinner, that i've even concidered hiring it out. you know, those women who love to cook and are good at it? i saw something once about a lady who would come to your house and make the meals. she'd shop, come over and prepare everything in your home, then pack it all in the fridge. all i'd have to do is put it out. i've really thought about it. but i haven't hit the lotto, and i'm absolutly positive my husband would think i've lost my mind!

ok. that's it! my new and improved goal, is to make dinner! i know i can do it! how hard can it be? i watch the cooking chanel all the time. tomorrow i will go to the grocery market. i will not pass go, will not collect $200 until i do. besides, i have e tomorrow and he loves those car buggies! it's a date! ralphs or bust! wish me well... and if you do have an easy recipe, without too many ingredients, i'll take it. really. e-mail me, leave it in the comments. we aren't picky, we'll eat anything. send those recipes!! i'll make it, take a photo, and post it as long as blogger lets me. TIA. be happy stranger friends!
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