Thursday, August 3

this challenge is great!!!

this 21 day challenge of rhonna's is working for me! i have been so productive and hope to be even more so today. i started a project i have been thinking about for a few days. it's just as cute and functional as i hoped. i will share it as soon as i finish the embellishments. i actually just photographed it to post. looking at it the photos i see that i really need the embelishments first. it photographs {bare bones} without! if you come back later let me know what you think.

in other news....

i just planned a trip up north. i am from northern california and love being in *the city (san francisco) when it is dressed for christmas! have tickets, will travel! the weekend after thanksgiving i will be in the city, then spending the weekend in napa with my cousin!!! i am so happy about this. she is the best girl! we get together and laugh and laugh! love having something in the future to look forward to. think of the inspiration!!!

my desk is a mess, laundrys in the wash, house need to be tidied, so i must go.... i won't be away long. i want to keep up with {the challenge} finishing yesterdays project, and starting todays. i already know what it is! can't wait to share!!

have a great day! be good to yourself, and be good to those you love!!
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