Thursday, August 24

This has been a great week!

this has been such a great week! i love being busy!
full of fun
new watercolor classes
beach side road trips
scrapping with friends
kelli crowe classes
happy times
lunch out
great weather
fun friends
and just sunshine and happiness all around
life is good!
i met with my friend Kelly in san diego on thursday and had a great time scrapping with her. she did this awsome layout of her sweet kitty! i love it! {which blogger isn't letting post for some odd reason} this from the one who gives herself *no credit* for her scrapping skills! i wish i were as untalented as she :) i can't wait to go again, and scrap as well as search out some great new finds. i have a feeling she, her mother and i could have the best time!

after a great day together, her extra~talented husband made us dinner {yummy}, brownies for desert, and FIXED my car before i left for a 100 mile drive home! yes! i said fixed my car!!
{{she married well}}

as we were chatting over dinner, i mentioned a light came on in my car as i arrived at their house that morning. it was the oil light. and to my surprise, yens procedes to tell me this is the worse thing to happen to a car. THE WORST! i thought he was kidding, until kelly warned me tact wasn't his strong point. i'm such a california girl. i have no idea about cars, like i told yens... i like them working and preferably full of gas! well, faster than fast, he had everything under control. i made it safely home thanks to him! 3 cheers for yens! oh, and by the way... the brownies were soooooooo good! {as was dinner} gotta love a man that cooks, bakes, and knows his automobiles! good job finding that well rounded man, kel!!! you go girl!

friday kelly, her mom and i were at Scrapbook Oasis taking a class with Kelli Crowe . her first ever! i don't know how she managed to pack so much into an evening, but it was great! we did 3 darling projects. fun, fun, fun! she even gave away great *stuff*, i think just about everyone walked away with some sort of freeby, creative little gift. cute, energetic girlie girl. so glad i was able to go.

Scrapbook Oasis is my new favorite shoppe. i was lucky enough to be there friday just as mr UPS came in, followed by mr FED EX. the girls there are so good. they open those boxes right up and let you dive right in. i'm telling you it feels like christmas mornings when i was a kid! i always feel so lucky to be there when that happens! too much fun.

today i spent recouping with ethyn. he loved his *rock star* layout i made in kelli's class last night! we were home all day, with the exception of a walk to the park around the corner with him and harley {the beagle}. we only left home for dinner out at a little taco place. after a busy week i am glad too, for a nice weekend at home. balance right?

hope you all spend sunday {the way you like it}
doing the things you like to do
with the ones you love
Be Happy
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