Saturday, August 19

~weekend update~

since getting my sewing machine out yesterday, i feel renewed energy for creating. little did i think i would be sewing so early in the year! i usually wait until cooler days.

with my husband and son in a rush for new sofa pillows (after tossing the ones that came with our new furniture), and my not being able to find any we like, my husband suggested i make some. after yesterdays success in the bedroom {sounds kinky, huh?} i went out to the fabric shoppe and feel into a deep trance! i love fabric!!! i am sure this is where my love of paper comes in. plus paper is cheap, so i never tell my self no with it. fabric however is different. i have swarn off buying any more until i make something. with the bed shams and table cover out of the way yesterday, i was off to the shoppe today :) this is what i found for the sofa pillows. i even bought a neck roll pillow since we all like to lay down when we watch a movie. i should have bought 3, i suspect!

while out ethyn gasped, hands over his mouth! as he spied {{power ranger fleece}}. now we don't actually let him watch power rangers, but he knows who they are. he told me he "hit the jackpot!" so i had to get it for him! i know exactly how he feels! as soon as it was in our buggy he looked at me and said he had shopped long enough. he then said

"nan, you ready to go cut this baby up?"

no wonder i've fallen love! i am so partial to boys also! i think it comes from growing up with no men around. except my grandfather, who basically looked at me with stars in his eyes. at least it felt that way to me. maybe because thats the way i looked at him. and thats the way i look at *e*. i think its me who's hit the jackpot!!

and an update for those of you who read this. my husband didn't even notice the bed made, the clothes put away, or the new additions to the bedroom yesterday. {although he did thank me for washing the fishing clothes, after he heard our son thank me.} this from the man who can sniff out one pair of newly purchased shoes hidden deep in the closet, as soon as he walks thru the door. a skill i believe he learned after being married to a woman who *found* diamond watches and such.

i hope i am as productive with these pillow as i was yesterday. i do have e today. he is napping on *power ranger fleece*, unsewn and unwashed. gross i know, but he's a boy, it won't kill him, and it made him so happy! but i won't attemp the pillows while he is here. i will comit to posting a photo as it serves as a great motivator for me to do these in a timely manner.

i hope the rest of you are enjoying what is left of summer! i love the beautiful weather this weekend! can't wait to have a cold beer with my {{hunny}} when he gets home! everyone enjoy!
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