Thursday, September 28


10 things i should be doing:
calling the library to have charges reversed (for damage i reported to them!)
grocery shopping so i could make a balanced dinner (yes! i am still cooking)
folding my laundry
straightening the garage. (messy, messy, messy!)
cleaning my scrap room
picking up {{the depost}} a neighbors dog left on my lawn ( if i only knew which neighbor!)
hiding my car in the garage (long story)
calling the bank for cd rates
moving the sprinkler to the side yard
listening to the radio as i sit and blog

9 things that make me happy:
classes at scrapbook oasis
everything rebecca is teaching me about altered books
lawrys original prime rib sandwich (YUM-O!)
diet coke
pilates with robbin
phone calls from friends

8 things that scare me:
cock roaches
knowing i will fly again
scarry movie commercials
a bird in my house
when someone screams
the thought of not doing everything i want to in this life

7 things that make me cry:
steel magnolias
hallmark commercials
uncontrollable laughter
listening to elizabeth edwards on oprah wednesday
memories of people i love

6 songs on my ipod:
you should be dancing
good to go
philadelphia freedom
take the long way home
don't pull your love out on me baby

5 things i hate to admit:
i am very impatient
i procrastinate
i cuss like a sailor
i can be lazy
i wish i were smaller

4 people that i miss:
my grandfather
my grandmother
my best childhood friend jamie

3 things i hope to do today:
stay within my weight watchers points
take ethyn to the park
go to bed with a tidy house

my 2 favorite cities:
kaanapalli, maui
san jose, california

1 smell that reminds me of childhood:
bain de soleil

Tuesday, September 26

we are going to be grandparents! again!

so much for fall weather! welcome to sunny southern california, have heated pool will swim!

our birthday bash weekend was a successs. but... weight management was a bomb. no worries, i'm back in the saddle as we speak!

my 3 sons, pictured at left are really ethyn (my grandson), travis (my son), and daniel ( father-to-be: aka son in law)!
thats right, this little cutie, strickin' a pose (my step-daughter kim) is "have his baby". fertile mertile only tried for a month and sweet success! these will be the before pics for the baby book. so cute!! we couldn't be happier for them! and for ourselves really, we love babies in this house!!!
be happy!!! thanks for letting me share!

Friday, September 22

change is good!

today is the first day i feel fall in the air, and i like it. its overcast, cool, and oh so welcome. as the seasons change i realize i am changing as well.

it was unitentional, but welcome. this week i started weight watchers, a pilates class, and a yoga class. if i can manage all three i will be *one hottie* someday! in reality i am going for nothing more than feeling a bit better, and more like my 42 years. my body has been screaming lately, that it feels more like it's pushing 50! not that there's anything wrong with 50, but when your 8 years shy of it, why feel like it's beating the door down? right?

besides all of the expected benifits, i find i'm laughing more. mostly at the fact that when i'm suppose to be standing, i find myself tipping, and when i'm suppose to be rolling, my body seems to feel like a weeble. remember those? weebles wobble, but they don't fall down. true, i haven't so much fallen down, just fallen over! pretty funny picture! the pilates studio is nice in that we are in a large private room, however... the yoga studio has huge, advertising windows that seem to call anyone within easy walking distance to take a peek inside. i find myself wondering... do i look in the mirror, startled at my own reflection, or do i stare back at the spectators whom have gathered for a good laugh? then i hear the instructor "look at the sky", which doesn't seem like it would present any problem, but when you are twisting one way, then the other, and yet again, to look to the sky is an unatainable goal. these big burley men can laugh all they want! i'd love to see them take a try at any of the moves we are at least attemping! its all been fun i must say, and so far i am feeling good! the goal to find balance both literally and figuratively, is one i want and need.

this weekend is full of parties. three birthdays in our family, no one under the age of 27, yet everyone feels the need to have their {{own}} specialness celebrated alone! so i am off to get gifts, wrap, and prepare. i get the special job of buying two of the three cakes. thank goodness cake is no temptation for me. i don't really care for the stuff. {now pie would be a different story!} i actually like going and buying the most beautiful, decadent peice of dessert~ish art i can spy. so much fun. i think i will go tomorrow and take ethyn with me. i do however, see a cookie on our horizon!

be happy, be good, be silly, and laugh!

Monday, September 18

a feel good weekend!

this weekend my husband and i went to our first charity auction. it was in support of the kinship canter and we had a great time! giving truely is better than receiving!

the art bar held an auction to raise money for the kinship center. i am not sure of the final total raised, but i can tell you the bidding started at $1000.00 and 5 peices went at that price! all by the same local artist. what a great way to start an auction, especially to raise money for an organization that supports foster families and adoption.

this young girl did a piece that my husband bid on and won! he said that it reminded him of camping as a boy scout. i didn't have any idea he was going to bid, but come to find out, he couldn't have done so from a nicer girl. the artist pictured here {{with dwight}} is 13 and adopted. her art work is the camping scene pictured above the two.

here it is with a second peice i won. its a water color on canvas. this is how the two were placed for the auction, and is so telling of the differences in my style and my husbands. *PLEASE* don't get me wrong! i adore the camping scene, so much more so having met the artist! she is darling sweet! i am speaking only of the style differences. picture what our home looks like!

so glad to have all these new art pieces!! and the feeling of helping is beyond description. dwight and i had no idea we would meet the girl who did his painting. i think the impact of meeting her meant so much more, doing so after dwight had bid and won. we had no idea who did it, and certainly no idea she was there. her loving family came to the event because she didn't think anyone would bid, and she wanted to know the outcome. as dwight was showing me what he'd won, she and her family located her/our painting. we all introduced ourselves and talk for a bit. when we said our good byes, her mother hugged dwight. as we walked away i was so proud of my husband. for bidding on what he wanted, for not being so selfish as to hold onto money that can help others, for being the man he is. as we walked away he said he had goosebumps! and i overheard the girl ask her mother way she was crying. i haven't had such a good feeling for a very long time!!

Friday, September 15

yummy goodness!

i said i wasn't going to buy any art supplies until october 1. i lied. i went into the art bar {my local dream destination} yesterday. i knew it would be my downfall if i went in, they have such good stuff i can never get out of there without something special. they are getting ready for an auction to bennifit the Kinship Center on saturday evening. it starts at 7 and i can't wait! community locals and artists have created some fabulous peices ! when i went in nicole and racheal were cleaning house, organizing and getting ready for the festivities. as they worked, i tried to as well. i could sit here for hours and soak in all the creativity and yummy goodness. i found a few treasures as i always do.3 hours and $50 later, i left a happy girl, ready to create. i picked up stampington presses somerset studio magazine from july/august that has a darling banner by pam garrison! she oozes style! i fianlly found the great germany glass glitter i have been longing for, for weeks. i picked up a couple of sheets of great paper, a vintage parisian print, a bird and nest print, and 2 great 12 x 12 prints! then when i got home i had a big box of old cameras waiting on the porch. ebay rocks!

so today i will grab a diet coke, lock myself in my {studio} and create....
so long as i don't get distracted online!

everyone have a great friday! have a great weekend! and do something you love!
oh, and if your free saturday evening, head on over to the art bar, and help raise money for children. just don't bid on the canvas i want. please.

Monday, September 11

life is good...

Yosemite is amazing!
My husband had been as a child, but otherwise it was our first time. I have always wanted to go but never took the time imagining it to be much farther than it actually is. It's only 5-6 hours from Orange County. Just outside of Fresno
you enter the foothills of the Sierra's and the rest of the drive is breathtaking. I had never been anywhere near this area, and was at once taken by the beauty and tranquility of it all.

My wonderful cousin Elva and her husband John were kind enough to invite a few of us up for a weekend at their cabin. Good company, good food, drinks, and laughter ensued for the most part. Men caught up on sleep, after a night of drunkin' revelry on the deck and in the jacuzzi! While the girls and I took advantage of the surrounds with a morning walk, passing deer all along the way. We spoke of the horses we could keep, the homes we'd love to build, and the bodies we could have should we walk like this regularly, and if we were all so lucky to live here.

This was the view from our guest room! In fact the view from the whole of the house as most of the windows are along this side of the property. So looking forward to being back for Thanksgiving. Thanks to the men for coming up with this great idea!

The Peele cabin,
and yes they do rent it out! Jacuzzi included!

The beautiful Ahwahnee Grand Hotel.
The wildlife here on the property were spectacular. Deer fed right along side this
grand hotel, as we watched from just steps away.
The views are awe inspiring! I could lay on this lawn and take it in for an eternity.

We had such a wonderful time exploring together. The crowds were non existant coming after Labor Day. Hopefully there will be snow when we are back in November! Life is good, and I am thankful for mine.

I was also mindful of this date, and those we lost on 9/11. Looking at the beauty here gives me peace and faith, knowing such beauty did not happen by chance. May the families touched by 9/11 know the peace of our creator who has not forgotten them. May we all hold them in our hearts as well.


Wednesday, September 6

a sneak peek!

this is the cover of rebecca's newest halloween book!

stuffed with tags to journal on,
and pockets to store photos
of gobblins and ghouls!

i adore the vintage look
as if from halloween's past,

Tuesday, September 5

Taco Tuesday!

I never was a taco tuesday girl until today. its taken me 42 years... better late then never! but tacos for dinner tonight. yes, i am still making dinner. in the past week i've made english spagetti, a crock pot beef thingy (recipe from the butcher), lemon pepper chicken, a fab pizza sandwich from rachael ray, and went to dinner once. i figure i am keeping my commitment! i even have my painting class tonight, it's 8 am and dinner for this evening is done! bravo for me!!! i am cooking fall foods, but i have two weeks of summer and plan to enjoy every minute of it.

it's the first day of school here in so cal. next year ethyn will go to kindergarten. i am so glad i have one more year to enjoy him. i figure its the perfect day to go to Disneyland and California Adventure, as it should be a quiet day in the parks.

updated wednesday am:
a few more things to share...

1. disneyland and DCA are great with no crowds, but the heat did us in by 3:00
2. my talented friend rebecca sawyer is selling darling halloween kits at Scrapbook Oasis! so happy for her!
3. we are heading out tomorrow for yosemite. after reading emily's blog, i'm even more excited!
4. i am going to make a commitment NOT to buy anymore scrappin supplies until oct 1!!! i will focus on scrapping, and creating instead. i've never done anything like this before, but have heard of others who have. my storage is being taken over by supplies that beg to be used. so here goes!
5. i am still making dinner! leftovers tonight... thats ok once in awhile, right?

i hope you all have a great week! be happy! will be back next week!
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