Friday, September 22

change is good!

today is the first day i feel fall in the air, and i like it. its overcast, cool, and oh so welcome. as the seasons change i realize i am changing as well.

it was unitentional, but welcome. this week i started weight watchers, a pilates class, and a yoga class. if i can manage all three i will be *one hottie* someday! in reality i am going for nothing more than feeling a bit better, and more like my 42 years. my body has been screaming lately, that it feels more like it's pushing 50! not that there's anything wrong with 50, but when your 8 years shy of it, why feel like it's beating the door down? right?

besides all of the expected benifits, i find i'm laughing more. mostly at the fact that when i'm suppose to be standing, i find myself tipping, and when i'm suppose to be rolling, my body seems to feel like a weeble. remember those? weebles wobble, but they don't fall down. true, i haven't so much fallen down, just fallen over! pretty funny picture! the pilates studio is nice in that we are in a large private room, however... the yoga studio has huge, advertising windows that seem to call anyone within easy walking distance to take a peek inside. i find myself wondering... do i look in the mirror, startled at my own reflection, or do i stare back at the spectators whom have gathered for a good laugh? then i hear the instructor "look at the sky", which doesn't seem like it would present any problem, but when you are twisting one way, then the other, and yet again, to look to the sky is an unatainable goal. these big burley men can laugh all they want! i'd love to see them take a try at any of the moves we are at least attemping! its all been fun i must say, and so far i am feeling good! the goal to find balance both literally and figuratively, is one i want and need.

this weekend is full of parties. three birthdays in our family, no one under the age of 27, yet everyone feels the need to have their {{own}} specialness celebrated alone! so i am off to get gifts, wrap, and prepare. i get the special job of buying two of the three cakes. thank goodness cake is no temptation for me. i don't really care for the stuff. {now pie would be a different story!} i actually like going and buying the most beautiful, decadent peice of dessert~ish art i can spy. so much fun. i think i will go tomorrow and take ethyn with me. i do however, see a cookie on our horizon!

be happy, be good, be silly, and laugh!
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