Monday, September 18

a feel good weekend!

this weekend my husband and i went to our first charity auction. it was in support of the kinship canter and we had a great time! giving truely is better than receiving!

the art bar held an auction to raise money for the kinship center. i am not sure of the final total raised, but i can tell you the bidding started at $1000.00 and 5 peices went at that price! all by the same local artist. what a great way to start an auction, especially to raise money for an organization that supports foster families and adoption.

this young girl did a piece that my husband bid on and won! he said that it reminded him of camping as a boy scout. i didn't have any idea he was going to bid, but come to find out, he couldn't have done so from a nicer girl. the artist pictured here {{with dwight}} is 13 and adopted. her art work is the camping scene pictured above the two.

here it is with a second peice i won. its a water color on canvas. this is how the two were placed for the auction, and is so telling of the differences in my style and my husbands. *PLEASE* don't get me wrong! i adore the camping scene, so much more so having met the artist! she is darling sweet! i am speaking only of the style differences. picture what our home looks like!

so glad to have all these new art pieces!! and the feeling of helping is beyond description. dwight and i had no idea we would meet the girl who did his painting. i think the impact of meeting her meant so much more, doing so after dwight had bid and won. we had no idea who did it, and certainly no idea she was there. her loving family came to the event because she didn't think anyone would bid, and she wanted to know the outcome. as dwight was showing me what he'd won, she and her family located her/our painting. we all introduced ourselves and talk for a bit. when we said our good byes, her mother hugged dwight. as we walked away i was so proud of my husband. for bidding on what he wanted, for not being so selfish as to hold onto money that can help others, for being the man he is. as we walked away he said he had goosebumps! and i overheard the girl ask her mother way she was crying. i haven't had such a good feeling for a very long time!!
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