Monday, September 11

life is good...

Yosemite is amazing!
My husband had been as a child, but otherwise it was our first time. I have always wanted to go but never took the time imagining it to be much farther than it actually is. It's only 5-6 hours from Orange County. Just outside of Fresno
you enter the foothills of the Sierra's and the rest of the drive is breathtaking. I had never been anywhere near this area, and was at once taken by the beauty and tranquility of it all.

My wonderful cousin Elva and her husband John were kind enough to invite a few of us up for a weekend at their cabin. Good company, good food, drinks, and laughter ensued for the most part. Men caught up on sleep, after a night of drunkin' revelry on the deck and in the jacuzzi! While the girls and I took advantage of the surrounds with a morning walk, passing deer all along the way. We spoke of the horses we could keep, the homes we'd love to build, and the bodies we could have should we walk like this regularly, and if we were all so lucky to live here.

This was the view from our guest room! In fact the view from the whole of the house as most of the windows are along this side of the property. So looking forward to being back for Thanksgiving. Thanks to the men for coming up with this great idea!

The Peele cabin,
and yes they do rent it out! Jacuzzi included!

The beautiful Ahwahnee Grand Hotel.
The wildlife here on the property were spectacular. Deer fed right along side this
grand hotel, as we watched from just steps away.
The views are awe inspiring! I could lay on this lawn and take it in for an eternity.

We had such a wonderful time exploring together. The crowds were non existant coming after Labor Day. Hopefully there will be snow when we are back in November! Life is good, and I am thankful for mine.

I was also mindful of this date, and those we lost on 9/11. Looking at the beauty here gives me peace and faith, knowing such beauty did not happen by chance. May the families touched by 9/11 know the peace of our creator who has not forgotten them. May we all hold them in our hearts as well.

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