Thursday, September 28


10 things i should be doing:
calling the library to have charges reversed (for damage i reported to them!)
grocery shopping so i could make a balanced dinner (yes! i am still cooking)
folding my laundry
straightening the garage. (messy, messy, messy!)
cleaning my scrap room
picking up {{the depost}} a neighbors dog left on my lawn ( if i only knew which neighbor!)
hiding my car in the garage (long story)
calling the bank for cd rates
moving the sprinkler to the side yard
listening to the radio as i sit and blog

9 things that make me happy:
classes at scrapbook oasis
everything rebecca is teaching me about altered books
lawrys original prime rib sandwich (YUM-O!)
diet coke
pilates with robbin
phone calls from friends

8 things that scare me:
cock roaches
knowing i will fly again
scarry movie commercials
a bird in my house
when someone screams
the thought of not doing everything i want to in this life

7 things that make me cry:
steel magnolias
hallmark commercials
uncontrollable laughter
listening to elizabeth edwards on oprah wednesday
memories of people i love

6 songs on my ipod:
you should be dancing
good to go
philadelphia freedom
take the long way home
don't pull your love out on me baby

5 things i hate to admit:
i am very impatient
i procrastinate
i cuss like a sailor
i can be lazy
i wish i were smaller

4 people that i miss:
my grandfather
my grandmother
my best childhood friend jamie

3 things i hope to do today:
stay within my weight watchers points
take ethyn to the park
go to bed with a tidy house

my 2 favorite cities:
kaanapalli, maui
san jose, california

1 smell that reminds me of childhood:
bain de soleil
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