Tuesday, September 5

Taco Tuesday!

I never was a taco tuesday girl until today. its taken me 42 years... better late then never! but tacos for dinner tonight. yes, i am still making dinner. in the past week i've made english spagetti, a crock pot beef thingy (recipe from the butcher), lemon pepper chicken, a fab pizza sandwich from rachael ray, and went to dinner once. i figure i am keeping my commitment! i even have my painting class tonight, it's 8 am and dinner for this evening is done! bravo for me!!! i am cooking fall foods, but i have two weeks of summer and plan to enjoy every minute of it.

it's the first day of school here in so cal. next year ethyn will go to kindergarten. i am so glad i have one more year to enjoy him. i figure its the perfect day to go to Disneyland and California Adventure, as it should be a quiet day in the parks.

updated wednesday am:
a few more things to share...

1. disneyland and DCA are great with no crowds, but the heat did us in by 3:00
2. my talented friend rebecca sawyer is selling darling halloween kits at Scrapbook Oasis! so happy for her!
3. we are heading out tomorrow for yosemite. after reading emily's blog, i'm even more excited!
4. i am going to make a commitment NOT to buy anymore scrappin supplies until oct 1!!! i will focus on scrapping, and creating instead. i've never done anything like this before, but have heard of others who have. my storage is being taken over by supplies that beg to be used. so here goes!
5. i am still making dinner! leftovers tonight... thats ok once in awhile, right?

i hope you all have a great week! be happy! will be back next week!
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