Friday, September 15

yummy goodness!

i said i wasn't going to buy any art supplies until october 1. i lied. i went into the art bar {my local dream destination} yesterday. i knew it would be my downfall if i went in, they have such good stuff i can never get out of there without something special. they are getting ready for an auction to bennifit the Kinship Center on saturday evening. it starts at 7 and i can't wait! community locals and artists have created some fabulous peices ! when i went in nicole and racheal were cleaning house, organizing and getting ready for the festivities. as they worked, i tried to as well. i could sit here for hours and soak in all the creativity and yummy goodness. i found a few treasures as i always do.3 hours and $50 later, i left a happy girl, ready to create. i picked up stampington presses somerset studio magazine from july/august that has a darling banner by pam garrison! she oozes style! i fianlly found the great germany glass glitter i have been longing for, for weeks. i picked up a couple of sheets of great paper, a vintage parisian print, a bird and nest print, and 2 great 12 x 12 prints! then when i got home i had a big box of old cameras waiting on the porch. ebay rocks!

so today i will grab a diet coke, lock myself in my {studio} and create....
so long as i don't get distracted online!

everyone have a great friday! have a great weekend! and do something you love!
oh, and if your free saturday evening, head on over to the art bar, and help raise money for children. just don't bid on the canvas i want. please.
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