Sunday, October 22

$47,000.00 raised for Susan G Komen!!!!

$47,100 raised for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation!!!
$ 44,000.00 raised between 170 participants of Ever After's 2006 Survivor Crop!!
it is truely amazing what women working together can do. no one alone gives $47,000. from among these women. it takes everyone of us, every dollar!!! we can and do make a difference.
for those of you who give, or gave thank you!!!
i find it surreal that the current statistics show, approx 47,000 women will loose thier battle with Breast Cancer this year.
we do this for them. we do this for all women, everywhere.

Ever After really gives back to those of us who participate. who knew the bounty we would win, and be given! thank you camille and john!!!! i think you are wonderfully generous. also i want to say, that it is camilles husband who came up with the idea of a 24 hour crop to benifit charity 5 years ago. you're a lucky girl camille to have such a wonderful husband, and you are a blessing to him, as well!! i can't imagine doing this with two more special people!!

i joined this event only wanting to help in some way, to support finding a cure for Breact Cancer. a friend had introduced me to Ever After this past summer. it is a wonderful store!!! unfortunately it is 70 miles from me. i have been there several times however. when i heard they were looking for volunteers for this event, i was eager to sign up. i did so alone. knowing no other participants. it was so nice to meet shana, lisa, debbie and her daughter ronnie!! and to find that for several, this is thier first year and they too volunteered knowing no one here.

even when i think i am alone, i find i am not!
I have made new friends i hope to keep in touch with for years. our island made up of (l to r in group photo above, including annies girls) are gabi, annie, anna, megan, colleen, jaime, and me.
annie was our volunteer island host. she did a wonderful job and is such a giving girl!! she did this despite her daughters having thier big dance recital sunday at 1:00 pm!!! no sleep, 24 hours of cropping, volunteering and a dance recital finale! bravo annie!!! you are the MOST giving mother i have seen in forever!!!
her sister megan is the most peaceable person i have ever met!! {{ they must have saints for parents}} she too participated although having a 3 month old, who is breast feeding!!! her little boy came in the evening for a feeding and visit, and was as at ease as his mother despite age, and the noise level. we are not a quiet group, myself absolutley included!!
colleen and her daughter jaime rounded out our island. they are mother and daughter, with a husband who is extremely supportive!! he made more than one emergency run for forgotten items, and extra cookie givaways!! kudos to these two women, and the FAB man in thier lives!! colleen was a our go to scout, playing deal or no deal, creating the best freehand flames i have ever seen, and giving so freely when ever any mishap arose!!
i am so glad to have been on Survivor Island 15 with all of you!!! i hope to see you all next year, and keep in touch with you until then!!
39 hours i have been up
24 hours cropping
12 hours of volunteer service
3 hours of sleep
18 pages made
280 miles driven
too many diet cokes to count
over 300 dollars raised
1 great weekend
i am just where i want to be,
giving back and having a ton of fun in the process!!
life is good.
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