Friday, October 27

on getting started...

a friend once said it could take her 3 years to get started on something. she was referring to a diet, as in ...

once i start, i'm ok. it's just that it can take me three years to get started!
i completely know what she means. i have felt that way this week. not with a diet, but with my to do list. i had several swaps i was to have sent out by last friday. i however was in carlsbad, volunteering for Survivor Crop with Ever After Scrapbooks.
everyday this week i have had huge plans for cathcing up my {{to do list}} ... pick up a baptism gift, mail out Susan's winning loot box, mail 4 of the swaps that are either due, or were due last week, wash my dusty car, etc... that doesn't include get my hair done, going to weigh in, making up the pilates class i missed, finishing the last few tags for this. good lord, do i understand how long it can take to get started?!
well, the stars have finally aligned. because in 3 hours this morning i have knocked my to do list out!!
*get gas ~ done!
*clean my car ~ done!
{don't wash it because the santa ana's are blowin a gail}
*go to the post office ~ done!
{{who knew a tiny, tiny package to singapore would cost $10.00??? not me!!}}
*pick up the baptism gift from the engravers ~done!
*have my hair washed and blown out ~ done!
{{i'm not a princess, i just haven't learned how to do my hair yet!!but i have hope that i will... soon.}}
*lunch ~ done!
*finish a scarf and send to swap partner ~done!
*finish the last few tags for this ~done!
i love when it finally all comes together and i can be as productive for myself as i am with others. happiness, happiness! to top it all of, i came home to a package on the porch! i love packages!! it was from a funky fabric swap. while i love the fabrics, i adore the markers that my swap partner added as a bonus!! they are Mr. Stix scented markers!! the black smells like licorice, the red like rasberries, the green like spearment, and so on. i had these as a kid, and have been wanting more. i couldn't think of the name, the maker, or anything. so i was doomed to be scented-marker-less! until today! jackpot baby! good things come in small packages. and small packages sometimes come from Matthews, NC! thank you, oh thank you swap diva from NC! you rock!! you have made me a happy girl!!
heres to hoping this productive, happy morning leads into a great weekend!!
be happy, scrappy chicks! may your wait to get started, not be much longer as well.
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