Saturday, October 14

paris book~ survivor crop~ donations!!

well, i finally have something to show for all the {{stuff}} i buy! a little altered book on Paris has been on mind for the past few months. i hope to go one day, the goal is to get up my nerve for such a long flight by my 50th. until then i thought i'd inspire myself with what awaits with this little book.

this coming week will be filled with **Survivor Scout** creations. next friday i'll be all day in carlsbad setting up for The 5th Annual Survivor Crop with Ever After! I am so looking forward to it, yet have much to do before i'll be ready. the crop starts saturday am at 9 and goes straight on until sunday at noon! no sleep, long drives to and from to prepare, and lots of fun are sure to abound!!

our "island" was to choose a theme. someone choose scouts, as in girl scouts/survivor scouts/island scouts. so we must decorate, and look the part. yikes! my only experience as a scout was as a brownie. my friend brenda and i were kicked out by her mother (who signed up as a leader because we wanted to be brownies and there were no local troups). we were so disruptive, her mother had no choice but to have my mother watch the two of us, as she proceeded with her year long committment as a leader!! sorry mrs. carsella. i'll be a better scout this time, as homage to you! for my part i have approx 50 badges to make, at lease 5 dozen cookies to bake and wrap, table decorations to prepare, and sashes to purchase (hmm, do they sell them in our sizes? if not i suppose those will have to be made as well). a small price compared to the one we put mrs. carsella through, all those years ago.

i am still fundraising for this event which supports The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. if you'd like to make a donation of $1.00 (or more ;-)) please use the donate now button, above and to the right!!!! for every dollar you donate your name will be entered into a drawing. i am filling a priority box full of yummy goodness, we all love that right?! i will draw the winning name friday morning and e-mail the winner before i leave for the weekend. i will send your box our the following week! please participate. it's only a buck, and it supports such a good cause! thanks to all of you who have already made your donation!! you rock!! good luck chickas, and thanks again!
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