Saturday, October 21

Survivor Crop 2006 ~ sneak peek!!

When i got to the Survivor crop location yesterday morning, this is what it looked like. the volunteers started at 8 in the morning and i was there to help by 11.

we worked for hours, some on heavy labor (ie; me and shanna! while others filled goodie bags brimming full. I can't believe how MUCH stuff they've packed into each bag!!

by the time i left last night (7:15) the work was coming to an end. it looks great!!

seating, spaces, tee-shirts, goodie bags and more had been carefully prepared for 170 participants.

i have been up for 2 hours preparing to head back there to serve breakfast by 8.

I am taking too much stuff with me, to be sure. i have huge visions of scrapping the past 6 months in 24 hours! madness, huh?? must be from 6 1/2 hours on my feet, on a concrete floor!! i must have walked 10 miles threw that warehouse yesterday. i am glad i will have my volunteering commitment done, by the time the games begin!

Out last!
Out scrap!
Out raise!

Survivor Crop 2006 ~ here i come!!
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