Sunday, October 1


if i've been creative, why do i feel so... unfulfilled? is something missing? i suspect there is. like these bats, they are missing their flight. they should be hoovering about in the kitchen, looking for way out. and this book. i started it this week after months of longing for a parisian book. i think planning is the missing factor here. rebecca always sayes she can't start a book until she figures it out in her head first. i think the missing factor is that i am stuck with my head, and its no-plan-necessary thoughts. i will take heed, plan a bit, then work at it a somemore.
this bit of spookiness is only missing a place to be hung. i created/copied (i am nothing, if not a big ol cheater!) in candice carpenters class friday night. this was the class project at scrapbook oasis. i think it is darling creative.
this was part of the class decor. she actually decorated for the class! and we were told we could absolutly take photos, or as i did, i made this{{copied her's}} in the class. i love it! candice is hopefully working on her next projects. she is talent plus!!!

i guess in hindsight my unfulfilled feeling comes not from a lack of creating, but possibley from a lack of completion. none of these things are completed, with the exception of the little house plaque. i guess we both know how i'll be spending my sunday. hope your is happy and fullfilling!
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