Sunday, November 5

$7.98 spent for 2 fabulous finds!!

I wish I took advantage of everything I have available to me living in southern California...

but I don't.

I recently clipped a memo from the paper. It anounced dates for Flea Markets all over So Cal. I love the idea of a good scavanger hunt. It's easy for me to vow that I will go to these treasure troves of goodness, comes Sunday a.m.

but I don't.

Today, although I didn't go anywhere special,
I did find a few treasures. At the local Goodwill no less.
I first found a simple, new with tags, dry erase board.
I passed it up on first sight, but fortunately went back before leaving, realizing what it could be. For a mere $2.99.

I backed it with cardstock, embellished with ribbon, german glass glitter, rub on's, a red feather stapled into place, an old key hung from ribbon, and a few flower punches. I hung it on the Frigidaire. Tomorrow I will pick up a dry erase marker, and embellish it to match.

My family now has a darling spot to write a
quick note before leaving for the day. I love the idea of this, and hope to find a little something special in the morning!

I also found this little beauty from Cavallini & Co for just
$4.99. It's a calander with rotating day, date, and month markers. I love it!!

My two new finds inspired me to hang the shelf I had to have {{3 months ago}}.

I guess it really is advantaes to live here where people donate things before they even use them. Then again, I guess that could happen even in a small town.

But I doubt it would have been 80* anywhere else but here!

Here's to another great weekend
in Sunny So Cal!!!
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