Tuesday, November 7

Art Journal

I found a little {{someone}} doing what i do best... sitting at my computer. Ethyn came into my scraproom this morning after watching PBS, having breakfast, and said...
"i thought i could play a few games on the 'puter", then pinching his fingers closely together
said, "not too much, just a little."
does he know how much i hate to give up my special time spent following my blogs,
searching out new creations,
or looking at the latest trends over at "2 P's" ?
Apparently he does!
But step aside I did, for i want to teach him what it is that is so attractive here, as opposed to seeing the furrowed brow my husband often displays.

secondly, this little treasure comes to me thanks to reading about this new local shop, which reminded me i had a special stop to make. but this one would be different! a fun stop to... The Paper Source! oh, yummy goodness abounds! i was there for an hour, found many "must haves", adding a new {{hot stop}} to my list (Scrapbook Oasis and The Art Bar, being the first's), and finding this little book to decorate.

how lucky can a girl get? i ask!!

i bought two of these, in two different sizes, small and smaller. i am nothing if not a painter of *barbie sized* prints, as my mistro will attest! (water color tuesday, still)

i decorated it this morning to have a little something to share in class this evening, with all those who say,

"oh... let me see... oh, i can't see... what is that? it's so small.... is.. it... for a doll house??"

yes... well... no!!!

that is where this day finds me. also happy about getting this, christmas card stash~away and this, crown of the town. and hoping beyond hopes that this will come to me as well!

a girl can dream can't she?!

tomorrow is a big day...Nordstroms Half Yearly Sale starts, hair will be done by hunky hairdresser Noel, and then a girls get together with friends! so nice to have a girls day out, middle of the week! and... the guys will never know!

Be happy, scrappy girls!!

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