Monday, November 27

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat!

how much do i love my John Denver and The Muppets Christmas CD?? love, love, super love it! every year, after the turkey, stuffing, and gravy are put away, and the pie gobbled up, its my tradition to start playing this happy music. visions of christmas trees, candy canes, and decorating fill my imagination. it's also on this long weekend that i {{spread christmas all thru the hosue}}.this year was no different. with one exception...

i don't remember it taking me more than a day to decorate. i started on saturday and i'm still not done! we pulled out the boxes, brought them in, dug thru them, and searched for our favorite things. i can't find half of them, although i'm not quiet sure what's missing. i just know i had more stuff than this last year! i hope to finish it all tomorrow when ethyn is back to help.

mental note: this year, pack things that go together, together!
another tradition... watching Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. gotta love a little chevy with your holidays. so last night we laughed as i made the first of 3 scarfs for my husbands babies...
be forewarned, scariness ahead....

what do you think? i hope you're not offended. they take a little getting use to, but they have grown on me after 20 years. i can't tell you happy dwight is that i think of his likes douring the holidays, as well as mine. it will be a winter~lodge~ish christmas here, as opposed to the silver bella christmas i dream of. no blue and pink christmas for me, think pine cones, peppermint sticks and scarfs all around.

oh, and one last bit of exciting news. my dear friend rebecca is making her magazine debut this friday, Dec 1 in Stampingtons Gallery Magazine!!! so happy for her. she is so talented. i hope you'll get the magazine and take a look at the great work she does. she is amazing and even takes custom orders on her altered books. they are {{to die for}} yummy!!!

i hope you all have great week. enjoy!


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