Friday, December 22

3 more days, to enjoy the season!!!

this week, ethyn asked me why i was so excited about christmas. it made me think... this is my favorite time of year, it always has been.

i suppose it's because...
i still believe in the magic of the season and the way it makes me feel
i love chirstmas music
i love the hustle and bustle, and malls filled with shoppers
i love finding special things for those i love
i love the store windows dressed for christmas {{especially in san francisco}}
i love getting together for a cup of cheer with friends
i love pictures with santa
i love wrapping gifts, and sending cards
i love going to childrens' christmas programs with thier tiny voices booming
i love the smell of our christmas tree
i love twinkling white lights and garland
i love mimosa's on christmas morning!
i love watching christmas shows with my grandson, that i watched as a child
i love going to disneyland and seeing all the christmas merriment
i love purusing the neighborhood looking at christmas lights
i love coming home to find christmas cards in the mailbox
and the annual letter from my sisters mother~in~law telling of all the special goings on in her world
and i love people like Denise at the post office who make going, 4 days before christmas, with a priority package, seem like no problem at all. in fact she smiles a genuine smile, and we chat. i hope she and her family have a wonderful christmas.

in fact that's what i hope for everyone. and if your jewish, i wish you a happy chanukah. i wish you the love of family and friends. i wish you laughter, and happiness, and good times. i wish for you everything you need to make this a magical time of year for you and yours.

only 3 days left to enjoy it all
merry christmas
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