Wednesday, December 13

blogging goodness

last night as i was reading my usual blogs, i happened onto this new one, {{can't figure out how to link on my new laptop. yikes!!}} i didn't see the hook coming, but drawn in i was. {{this says so much about me. and yes, if your wondering, i am nuts}} the only thing i have anywhere near in common with this darling girl, is that we both drive an andi. she is tall, i am not. she is thin, i am not. she is educated, again i am not. she is a socialite, works in a hospital, has been to many of the places the world over, i currently only dream of seeing, among other things. i find reading her blog, like reading a favorite book. the one that takes you to places that seem only like a far off dream. like disneys cinderella, a friend we long to know, a world we long to experience, or at least explore.

why is it that we want what we do not have? i suppose in reality, its not that i want her life or world at all. but rather, like a voyer i simply find it all facinating.

6 months ago i happened onto my first blog. as an avid reader and lover of true life stories, i was thrilled to find at my fingertips a world full of wonderful women sharing their lives with others. i am one happy girl! my horizons are broader, my days a bit brighter, and that education i've longed for comes to me thru what i learn from all of you.

thanks for blooging, stranger friends. may your day be merry and bright. i'll be waiting to hear all about them!
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