Saturday, December 9

busy, busy, busy!

i love these words from the frosty the snowman. this past week has flown by as i knew it would. and it won't stop until christmas, to be sure! i love the hustle and bustle of the season. i don't feel stressed about any of it, just thankful i have much to do. it means i have interests, and friends, and lots of good stuff to make me happy, and keep me busy.

i hope to have my christmas cards finished this afternoon,
and in the mail monday.
i want to wrap the few gifts i have hidden from prying eyes,
and unpack from my weekend away.
three bottles of wine are safely home and still in my suitcase, oh my!
i have one scarf to make,
two quilts to start,
and a package to ready for the post on monday.
if we are to eat at all, i must stop by the market,
and also to Toys R Us to buy Toys for Tots.

Dwight and Travis are going to an archery shoot this weekend, to support children in need. i love shopping for fun toys for kids! in years past, a friend and her family supported an orphanage in mexico. they would buy gifts for children with recent birthdays. it was my special job for a few years, to do the shopping. it was always so much fun for me. i liked to get sporting goods, and games as it brough back memories of my own childhood. i can think of nothing better than bringing these children together for fun and play at the very least! i hope this afternoon brings back a bit of those memories for me, and teaches ethyn the importance of caring for others.

speaking of ethyn, he and i are off to his first christmas program at school this morning. unfortunatly jamie, grandpa, and uncle travis have to work. so i will represent the family alone. i will take lots of pictures to share with everyone this afternoon.

hope your weekend is filled with happiness and fun!!
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