Monday, December 18

oh christmas wreath, oh christmas wreath...

after looking at the beautiful wreaths made by pam garrison, {{}} and miss jennifer duncan {{}} and sis boom, i began dreaming one up for our front door. after our sunday trip to the antique and collectables faire in long beach, i was ready with a few goodies i'd picked up. this morning i whipped up this little beauty, my annelle wreath. i named it that because making it, i felt a bit like anelle in steel maganolia's. as i arranged, glittered and glued, i heard heard her voice exclaiming, "i cleared them clean outta baby jesus'". that's just the feeling i had as i searched boxes and bags for each little treasure, picking up a one armed angel, childrens homemade people ornaments, and other tiny treasures.

this is the day i have been awaiting for weeks, the one that finds me checking off my {{to do list}} left and right. in the past few days i've finished my shopping, finished the christmas cards, and sent them out, made a darling fireman pillowcase for ethyn, taken many more pillowcases in to be monogrammed, and finished a few gifts that must be put in the post today!!, and even cleared a bit more floor space in my scrap room. much of this being done this morning, and its only noon to boot!! i looks like the makings for a great day!! i better not stop now... just wanted to take a minute to share.

i hope this day finds you making progess on that to do list of yours.
ho! ho! ho!
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