Sunday, December 31

random thoughts...

well, christmas is packed away until next year around here. lights have been taken down, chirstmas tree put out to the curb, so sad... so brown, and crunchy, and such a fire hazzard!

i have a long to do list for the new year, and just like the man he is, my husband thought we should get it done on his time frame, and not mine. so it goes...

christmas packed away... check
house lights taken down... check
gifts put away, or returned (only two)... check
garage cleaned and organised... check
one truck load of old treasures hauled to the thrift... check
gate repaired... check
new back door painted... check
new door knob installed... check
new dead bolt installed... check
old hall door filed down (it was stickin')... check
floor paint touched up... check
new house paint purchased... check
scrap room cleaned and OVERHAULED... check

And as if that wasn't enough, my husband is taken me out tonight! yikes. i think i'd rather stay home, enjoy a glass of wine {{or 3}} and call it a happy old year.

good bye 2006. i enjoyed you. i enjoyed a fab trip to maui with my family, i found out our oldest is making us grandparents for the second time, and expecting her first. we found out thursday "it's a girl". i am so ready for a little pink princess!! i bought my fab rockin audi last jan 1, one year ago tomorrow! our youngest graduated in june, giving me the chance to reinvent my roll in our family. my time is officially my own! and i am loving it! i am a lucky girl. i think we all are. when we look at what our lives bring, and those we love... we see more clearly. life is good. i hope 2007 is your best year yet! not the best to come... but the best yet!! be happy all you stranger friends!

ciao 2006, welcome 2007!!
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