Tuesday, December 5

Tis the Season...

to be jolly!! and jolly i was this past weekend on a trip to northern california, san francisco, sonoma, and san jose to be exact. thanks to pam garrison, and because of this, my first stop was here!! at miss wendy addison's studio, Theatre of Dreams. what a gem, hidden in the hills around oakland, in a darling little snippet of an old town, Port Costa, Ca.

besides her creations, i loved exploring her creative storage solutions. she has the best old cabinets i've seen. chalk full of yummy goodness to be sure!
she had this amazing art piece, among others. it was truely facinating. i would love to be a fly on these walls, to take in wendys creative process.
she even let me take pictures. i felt a bit embarrased taking so many. but i can tell you for sure, i now wish i had taken twice as many!
wendy told us of The Warehouse next door. can you imagine this place is open for business? i wish i hadn't deleted the pictures of inside the bar here. facinating to say the least, as ecclectic as the entrance pictured here. i really must stop editing my pictures while i'm still on my trips. i'm such a dork!!
Friday afternoon:

this is the view from our $100.00 a night, 4 star hotel, on Nob Hill in San Francisco!!! Priceline baby!! it really works. first time i've tried it, but definatley not the last!

girls night out at A Taste of Himalaya in the city, celebrating the first showing of Tuseef's photography right here at the restaurant!!! so happy for her! the food here was so good, and the location is perfect. the whole area here at lombard and scott and west to fillmore, is a meca of good food. with steak houses, great wine bars, shopping and live music this is a great place to spend an evening.

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