Friday, October 27

Funky Fabric Swap package!!

on getting started...

a friend once said it could take her 3 years to get started on something. she was referring to a diet, as in ...

once i start, i'm ok. it's just that it can take me three years to get started!
i completely know what she means. i have felt that way this week. not with a diet, but with my to do list. i had several swaps i was to have sent out by last friday. i however was in carlsbad, volunteering for Survivor Crop with Ever After Scrapbooks.
everyday this week i have had huge plans for cathcing up my {{to do list}} ... pick up a baptism gift, mail out Susan's winning loot box, mail 4 of the swaps that are either due, or were due last week, wash my dusty car, etc... that doesn't include get my hair done, going to weigh in, making up the pilates class i missed, finishing the last few tags for this. good lord, do i understand how long it can take to get started?!
well, the stars have finally aligned. because in 3 hours this morning i have knocked my to do list out!!
*get gas ~ done!
*clean my car ~ done!
{don't wash it because the santa ana's are blowin a gail}
*go to the post office ~ done!
{{who knew a tiny, tiny package to singapore would cost $10.00??? not me!!}}
*pick up the baptism gift from the engravers ~done!
*have my hair washed and blown out ~ done!
{{i'm not a princess, i just haven't learned how to do my hair yet!!but i have hope that i will... soon.}}
*lunch ~ done!
*finish a scarf and send to swap partner ~done!
*finish the last few tags for this ~done!
i love when it finally all comes together and i can be as productive for myself as i am with others. happiness, happiness! to top it all of, i came home to a package on the porch! i love packages!! it was from a funky fabric swap. while i love the fabrics, i adore the markers that my swap partner added as a bonus!! they are Mr. Stix scented markers!! the black smells like licorice, the red like rasberries, the green like spearment, and so on. i had these as a kid, and have been wanting more. i couldn't think of the name, the maker, or anything. so i was doomed to be scented-marker-less! until today! jackpot baby! good things come in small packages. and small packages sometimes come from Matthews, NC! thank you, oh thank you swap diva from NC! you rock!! you have made me a happy girl!!
heres to hoping this productive, happy morning leads into a great weekend!!
be happy, scrappy chicks! may your wait to get started, not be much longer as well.

Sunday, October 22

$47,000.00 raised for Susan G Komen!!!!

$47,100 raised for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation!!!
$ 44,000.00 raised between 170 participants of Ever After's 2006 Survivor Crop!!
it is truely amazing what women working together can do. no one alone gives $47,000. from among these women. it takes everyone of us, every dollar!!! we can and do make a difference.
for those of you who give, or gave thank you!!!
i find it surreal that the current statistics show, approx 47,000 women will loose thier battle with Breast Cancer this year.
we do this for them. we do this for all women, everywhere.

Ever After really gives back to those of us who participate. who knew the bounty we would win, and be given! thank you camille and john!!!! i think you are wonderfully generous. also i want to say, that it is camilles husband who came up with the idea of a 24 hour crop to benifit charity 5 years ago. you're a lucky girl camille to have such a wonderful husband, and you are a blessing to him, as well!! i can't imagine doing this with two more special people!!

i joined this event only wanting to help in some way, to support finding a cure for Breact Cancer. a friend had introduced me to Ever After this past summer. it is a wonderful store!!! unfortunately it is 70 miles from me. i have been there several times however. when i heard they were looking for volunteers for this event, i was eager to sign up. i did so alone. knowing no other participants. it was so nice to meet shana, lisa, debbie and her daughter ronnie!! and to find that for several, this is thier first year and they too volunteered knowing no one here.

even when i think i am alone, i find i am not!
I have made new friends i hope to keep in touch with for years. our island made up of (l to r in group photo above, including annies girls) are gabi, annie, anna, megan, colleen, jaime, and me.
annie was our volunteer island host. she did a wonderful job and is such a giving girl!! she did this despite her daughters having thier big dance recital sunday at 1:00 pm!!! no sleep, 24 hours of cropping, volunteering and a dance recital finale! bravo annie!!! you are the MOST giving mother i have seen in forever!!!
her sister megan is the most peaceable person i have ever met!! {{ they must have saints for parents}} she too participated although having a 3 month old, who is breast feeding!!! her little boy came in the evening for a feeding and visit, and was as at ease as his mother despite age, and the noise level. we are not a quiet group, myself absolutley included!!
colleen and her daughter jaime rounded out our island. they are mother and daughter, with a husband who is extremely supportive!! he made more than one emergency run for forgotten items, and extra cookie givaways!! kudos to these two women, and the FAB man in thier lives!! colleen was a our go to scout, playing deal or no deal, creating the best freehand flames i have ever seen, and giving so freely when ever any mishap arose!!
i am so glad to have been on Survivor Island 15 with all of you!!! i hope to see you all next year, and keep in touch with you until then!!
39 hours i have been up
24 hours cropping
12 hours of volunteer service
3 hours of sleep
18 pages made
280 miles driven
too many diet cokes to count
over 300 dollars raised
1 great weekend
i am just where i want to be,
giving back and having a ton of fun in the process!!
life is good.

Saturday, October 21

Survivor Crop 2006 ~ sneak peek!!

When i got to the Survivor crop location yesterday morning, this is what it looked like. the volunteers started at 8 in the morning and i was there to help by 11.

we worked for hours, some on heavy labor (ie; me and shanna! while others filled goodie bags brimming full. I can't believe how MUCH stuff they've packed into each bag!!

by the time i left last night (7:15) the work was coming to an end. it looks great!!

seating, spaces, tee-shirts, goodie bags and more had been carefully prepared for 170 participants.

i have been up for 2 hours preparing to head back there to serve breakfast by 8.

I am taking too much stuff with me, to be sure. i have huge visions of scrapping the past 6 months in 24 hours! madness, huh?? must be from 6 1/2 hours on my feet, on a concrete floor!! i must have walked 10 miles threw that warehouse yesterday. i am glad i will have my volunteering commitment done, by the time the games begin!

Out last!
Out scrap!
Out raise!

Survivor Crop 2006 ~ here i come!!

Friday, October 20

and the lucky winner is

Susan Lew!!!!
congratualations Susan!!!

thanks for your donation.
e-mail me your address
and i will have your
goodies out to you early
next week!!

i was up at 2:30 am
working on this.
it is our title board
for our table

Island 15
Survivor Scouts!

i still have a few things to do,
before i leave this morning.
thanks to all of you who made a donation!
i appreciate it very much!

be happy! be good!

have a great weekend!!

Monday, October 16

Last minute cramming!!!

i am at the midnight hour with the donations for The 5th Annual Survivor Crop. the event starts this saturday and goes on until noon sunday! so i only have 3 more days to fundraise for this worthy cause. i have much to do, but am enjoying it all. 75 badges made today for our group, gathering supplies tomorrow for the table decorations. so much fun!! i love a good party, and this is sure to be a great one!!

if you'de like to make a donation to help find a cure for breast cancer, please do so now!!! all the money raised will be donated to The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. remember for every dollar you donate your name will be entered in a drawing for a box full of tricks and treats!! only a few days left! use the donate now button to the right ---->>>>>

Marked Make a Donation!!!!!
every dollar helps, and it also gives you the chance to be the lucky winner!!! i will draw the name friday morning!!! thanks for your support!!

Saturday, October 14

paris book~ survivor crop~ donations!!

well, i finally have something to show for all the {{stuff}} i buy! a little altered book on Paris has been on mind for the past few months. i hope to go one day, the goal is to get up my nerve for such a long flight by my 50th. until then i thought i'd inspire myself with what awaits with this little book.

this coming week will be filled with **Survivor Scout** creations. next friday i'll be all day in carlsbad setting up for The 5th Annual Survivor Crop with Ever After! I am so looking forward to it, yet have much to do before i'll be ready. the crop starts saturday am at 9 and goes straight on until sunday at noon! no sleep, long drives to and from to prepare, and lots of fun are sure to abound!!

our "island" was to choose a theme. someone choose scouts, as in girl scouts/survivor scouts/island scouts. so we must decorate, and look the part. yikes! my only experience as a scout was as a brownie. my friend brenda and i were kicked out by her mother (who signed up as a leader because we wanted to be brownies and there were no local troups). we were so disruptive, her mother had no choice but to have my mother watch the two of us, as she proceeded with her year long committment as a leader!! sorry mrs. carsella. i'll be a better scout this time, as homage to you! for my part i have approx 50 badges to make, at lease 5 dozen cookies to bake and wrap, table decorations to prepare, and sashes to purchase (hmm, do they sell them in our sizes? if not i suppose those will have to be made as well). a small price compared to the one we put mrs. carsella through, all those years ago.

i am still fundraising for this event which supports The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. if you'd like to make a donation of $1.00 (or more ;-)) please use the donate now button, above and to the right!!!! for every dollar you donate your name will be entered into a drawing. i am filling a priority box full of yummy goodness, we all love that right?! i will draw the winning name friday morning and e-mail the winner before i leave for the weekend. i will send your box our the following week! please participate. it's only a buck, and it supports such a good cause! thanks to all of you who have already made your donation!! you rock!! good luck chickas, and thanks again!

Wednesday, October 11

photo show and tell

Los Altos Fall Festival ghoolies
three rock star cousins!

Wednesday, October 4

October 10th

On this, the first anniversary of my dearest friends Sharon's death to breast cancer, I want to thank all of you have so generously given to The Susan G Komen Breat Cancer Foundation. It means so much to me!

I spent this past weekend in San Jose. It was my first road trip with Ethyn and he was the perfect companion, such a good traveler for four years old.

It was his first time to San Jose. Our first stop upon coming into town was to Sharon's house. Everything looks just as it did a year ago. The family still owns the home and nothing has been moved. I found myself parked in front staring at the house I've considered my home for 33 years. I still have the key, but had no desire to go in. The person I came to see no longer waits for me here. Our roles have changed. Now I wait until I will see her again.

I had to explain to Ethyn that Grammy Sharon had died. He was only 3 when she passed and had no concept of death at the time. He goes to a Christian Preschool now, and so has learned about death, and the eternal hope it brings. It was surreal to have the conversation, with the little boy I so adore, about the woman whom I looked to like a mother... {{my Mil}}, my mother~in~love. The circle of life. It was good to be in my hometown, especially this weekend. I was so glad to be able to take Ethyn to the places I loved to go to as a child, many of them with Sharon.

As most of you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You may or may not know that I am participating in a fundraiser for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Ever After is a local scrapbook store that helps raise money for the cause thru a scrapbooking crop-a-thon. This year is their "5 Annual Survivor Crop" and I am both a fundraiser and a volunteer. You can read more about it here.

As such, I have come up with a fun fundraiser {{I hope you'll all agree, and participate}} . I am asking that everyone who reads this, please help in the fight. If you send in $1.00 to be donated on all of our behalf, I will enter your name in a drawing. I will put together the best box of yummy~goodness I can come up with! I will pack a 12" x 14" box full of art, scrap, stamp supplies,and other fun surprises. You can even leave a comment with your *wish list of favorite items*, should you be the lucky winner!! I think a bit of money could be raised and I figure we can ALL afford $1.00 I know for certain every dollar brings us closer to finding a cure! Should you wish to donate more Paypal will notify me and I will enter your name one time for each dollar you donate. $5.00 = 5 entries!!

A year ago, on October 10, 2005 my best friend lost her courageous fight with breast cancer. I want to do something to help. I believe each one of us makes a difference. We all count. We all touch so many more people than we ever know. When just one woman is lost to breast cancer, its effects are far reaching, and life changing.

If you would like to participate in this fundraiser with me, I would be so grateful!! I have added a link so that you can send the dollar thru Paypal. It is the button to the right, down under archieves, marked "Make a Donation". Its free for both of us. If you would like to mail in your donation, please e-mail me for my address. You can also write a check {{for any amount}} made payable to: "SGKBCF" and it will serve as your reciept and is fully tax deductable.

I have long believed that each one of us makes the world what it is. We create our own reality, and what we believe comes true. I want to help, and know many others do as well! If you can afford $1.00, please participate!!!

I will choose the lucky winner on October 20th before I leave for the event.

Thanks for all your help!!

Sunday, October 1


if i've been creative, why do i feel so... unfulfilled? is something missing? i suspect there is. like these bats, they are missing their flight. they should be hoovering about in the kitchen, looking for way out. and this book. i started it this week after months of longing for a parisian book. i think planning is the missing factor here. rebecca always sayes she can't start a book until she figures it out in her head first. i think the missing factor is that i am stuck with my head, and its no-plan-necessary thoughts. i will take heed, plan a bit, then work at it a somemore.
this bit of spookiness is only missing a place to be hung. i created/copied (i am nothing, if not a big ol cheater!) in candice carpenters class friday night. this was the class project at scrapbook oasis. i think it is darling creative.
this was part of the class decor. she actually decorated for the class! and we were told we could absolutly take photos, or as i did, i made this{{copied her's}} in the class. i love it! candice is hopefully working on her next projects. she is talent plus!!!

i guess in hindsight my unfulfilled feeling comes not from a lack of creating, but possibley from a lack of completion. none of these things are completed, with the exception of the little house plaque. i guess we both know how i'll be spending my sunday. hope your is happy and fullfilling!
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