Monday, January 29

Teresa McFayden, Sweetpea's, and more...

this past weekend had that magical feel i get every december with christmas. CHA being in town has brought a bevy of great teachers i have longed to take classes with, and get to know a little more about.

yesterday i was up in LA at Sweetpea's and Snapshot's for Teresa McFayden's class. this shoppe is darling cute. if i could make one change, it would be to make all of their display items for sale! they have this store dressed as sweetly as can be. unfortunately much of the eye candy is just that. boo hoo.... i could easiely picture my studio looking so scrumptious.

but here is where this store gets it right!!!! they had my faVoRite scraPpY giRl ever! the one and only devine Miss Teresa McFayden! .... and to think i'd only signed up for the class the day before (long story). i adore teresa's style, and so wanted to go to Silver Bella last fall, but didn't. when i found out she was going to be in town, i knew these would be the classes for me! lots of other stuff got in the way, and saturday i finally came to my sences and booked the class regardless. i truely couldn't be happier! teresa is just as friendly, and charming as i'd imagined. we made these cute, and clever altered houses. her's is pictured on left, mine on the right.

this little cutie took the class as well!

this was the last of three classes the lovely Miss M taught this weekend at Sweetpea's, and she shared all of the projects she'd made. i appreciate seeing these things in person. as i have said before, i'm not one to shop online. i find it very deceiving. i can't tell how big something is, or see the quality. i just don't like it. but, just as with jenni's class, this really helps me know what i can expect when ordering in the future. as a matter of fact, last night when i got home, i got right online to check teresa's site PaperBella to see just what i've been missing.

it has been such a great weekend. with all the buzz in the scrapbooking stores about CHA, i feel just as excited with be given the chance to take these great classes. i have one more class left, tomorrow night with teresa collins back at scrapbook oasis. it is sure to be fun.

if you ever have the chance to take a class with someone you admire, i hope you take it. it's not solely about the project. i get much out of working with these women, and seeing thier creative process, and sharing thier energy. i am glad i have today to absorb every bit of goodness teresa mcFayden shared yesteday. i feel as thou i've been sprinkled with {{pixie dust}}. i can't wait to see what i'll make next.

Sunday, January 28

jenni bowlin at the sCrapBook OasIs

~celebrity sighting~
Jenni Bowlin and her hunky husband were spotted last night in Orange County scrapbooking hotspot, The Scrapbook Oasis!

last night i was at jenni's class at the sCraPbooK OasiS, so much fun! we made a daring little table top house booklet sorta~thingys. it's made with jenni's darling papers, chipboard houses and journaling cards. so stinkin cute!! there were women from singapore, tokyo, and europe taking the class as well. i love meeting these women and seeing how similar we all are. all of this because of scrapbooking, and blogging. amazing to find the world at our fingertips, literally!! and all of it just waiting to be expored.

i was lucky enough to sit with two great new yorkers to boot! joanne and sharon from buffalo. {hi girls, it was great to meet you!} sharon has a shop Buffalo Stamps & Stuff, and joanne teaches there. they were absolutely delightful!! we had a great time chatting as we created this sweet row of houses.

i am pretty new to jenni's kits, but can tell you for sure her stuff is so darn cute. i think this is one kit club i'll be joining. i believe her husband said, she is going to start selling her line to scrapbook shops. this will be one of my favorite lines, if she continues making the great stuff i saw last night!!

today i am off to teresa mcfaydens class at sweetpea's & snapshots in LA. i'll be sure and post all the great stuff going on there. she really is one of my favorites!!

i LoVe that CHA is here, and i have the chance to go to some of these fun classes while these girls are here for the show. it's like a mini vacation right here at home. what could be better?

hope some of you are taking advantage of these fun classes as well!

Thursday, January 25

two faB stores!!! one great thuRsdaY

two great stores, make for one great thursday. what better way to start the weekend than working/creating at *tHe Art BaR*, and then meeting a friend at {{the sCrapBook OaSis}}?

both of these places are sure to only get better within the next few weeks as this weekend is CHA, right here in anahiem. i live so close but can't get in.... maybe next year i should check out volunteer services. hmm, now theres an idea. i think in reality i am better off not going. plus is means i get to search out great new things as they come into these two very different, but equally creative hot spots. two must do's if you ever get to sunny southern california, the art bar in santa ana, and the scrapbook oasis in irvine!

i love this months kit at the art bar. i had planned on going in and working on a gift for my husband's birthday. instead i picked up thier monthly kit and fell head first into it. so fun and easy to make! $17, one great journal kit, plus two free hours of studio time and a bag full of goodies. i am headed back there tomorrow for the afternoon, and so happily looking forward to it.

the art bar also has some great wallpaper in. after everything {{thIs oNe}} posts featuring wallpaper, you know i had to have some. at a buck fifty, how could i leave it there?!

as much as i hated leaving the art bar, the sCraPbooK OasIs was just as much fun. they are having kristina contes there teaching tonight. while kelly and i were scrapping, kristina and some friends came in early to set up. although i didn't stay for the class it was nice to hear about some fun things coming up. we also got some eXcluSive hambly stuff one of the girls brought in. such good stuff!!! and apperently none of it is going to be produced. gotta love this store!! they always have some great thing going on. and because they get such fun, in~the~know girls, you often get stuff first, if not exclusivey!! i'm not posting any photo's because i'm a bit iffy on how that would be viewed. sorry! but trust me, some good things are floatin about and sure to be in thier new line. especially if this stuff didn't make it to production!

kelly and i split this months jenni bowlin kit. i made a little photo book with my stuff (pictured above). it's not finished yet, but hopefully tomorrow i can tidy it up, and finish it off at the art bar.

saturday night jenni bowlin is teaching at the ScraPbook OaSis, and i did sign up for that class. i Can'T waiT!! then i'll be back Tuesday evening for a TereSa CoLlins class. i am so glad i live in such a hub of scrapbooking happenings. there is sure to be lots of talk about all the new stuff from CHA to look forward to. maybe we will even get a surprise or two, ya never know (wink)!

i hope all of you are having fun, and taking advantage of all the fun stuff
happening in your neighborhood. don't forget to support your local shoppes, and ask them to bring some good stuff your way!

make something pretty!!

Sunday, January 21

sunday, sunny sunday

this was a perfect sunday in many ways. it's been a bit since i've taken a class. today i was so happy to take a class with The miss kelly kilmer! i've heard her name for almost a year, and googled her as well. after seeing a faBuLous book at {{zinnia in pasadena}} back in november, i knew i'd be taking one of her classes. toDay was that day! oh sunday sweet sunday it was.
kelly is such a generous teacher. not only is she quick to answer questions, and share information, but she also shares her fun rubber stamps, collage papers, and happy spirit as well! below are a few pictures of the journal i made in class. i started with a bit of chipboard, fun paints, and some canvas, and with miss kelmers help i walked away with a loVeLy journal!! at least {{LovEly}} in this girls opinion. i can't wait to take another class after exploring my new found techniques a little further.

zinnia, where the class was held, is a fun shoppe in itself. i've only been there once before and was thrilled to be able to go again. it's a small little treasure trove of goodness, all sorts or bits and peices everywhere. i felt like alice, in this yummy wonderland. here are a few trinkets i couldn't leave behind. love this dick and jane~ish card.

gotta love great old game peices, and a few new ones as well.

these chipboard pieces are darling and i can't wait to use them in a special book i am still figuring out.

i hope it was as good a sunday for all of you as it was for me. and if any of you are interested in taking a class from kelly kilmer, i know she is teaching at my favoriTe OC store The ArT bAr next weekend!! if you take it, you won't be dissappointed, to be sure!!

Saturday, January 20

tag, you're it!

6 WeiRd thInGs aBout mE
1. i sleep with the blanket over my head everynight {{summer, winter, hot or cold, doesn't matter}}.
2. i never wear shoes, and hate to have bare feet. hense, i own countlss socks, and slippers.
3. i HATE commercials. they. MUST! be. muted.
4. i rarely heat or cool my house, but never drive without one or the other on in my car.
5. i love to travel, but have panic attacks when i fly.
6. grocery shopping is my least favorite chore, and i only go grocery shopping about once a month.

sing it with me...
she's super freak, super freak, she's super freaky.

Tuesday, January 16

monday, monday (yeah. i know. it's tuesday)

sunday was travis' 19th birthday! so we had dwight lee's family over for a lasagne dinner. three cheers for a husband with a great meal he can dazzle the crowds with. he learned from his grandmother who was born in italy! bravissimo! the crowds were dazzled and i believe a great time was had by all. i agree with kim, i love when the whole family is together. our house is small, and we are loud, but i think that's what makes it fun!!!

the journal pictured above is my creation for Emily Falconbridge's creative challenge over here. i'm so glad she started this! i love seeing what others are doing, as well as having a prompt for a creative excercise. this week she asks what we find {{powerful}}. i choose images.

for the past few years i've been tearing pictures i out of magazines. not knowing what to do with them, they've sat in a side drawer for years. after seeing this i was so happy! i aDoRe Pam Garrison's style, and this is the perfect home for all my clippings.

i sometimes think i have no creativity of my own, and i very well may not. i guess that's why i am so thanksful for these girls that share, inspire, and teach. thanks for your generous spirit, and the knowledge that there are those of us, who need a bit of motivation in order to unleash our own creativity.

Monday, January 8

our love shack

as i mentioned last week, my husband and i have been busy sprusing our nest. it's small and cozy, but home~sweet~home. and it's feeling so much sweeter for our efforts of late.

my scraproom is finally under construction. not literally, but a much needed figurativly. here is my desk now. i am so happy with the way it turned out! after searching some saved pictures over at two p's, i finally decided to decopage my desk top. its an old heavy wood desk, and wasn't much to look at. i love it now. the hutch is from Pottery Barn. i love the bedford line, but wasn't about to invest in a new desk, being that i already have two desks in the room. i was thrilled last week when i found this hutch on clearance {{in the dinged and dented corner}}. little things really do mean a lot!
PS although the hutch and shelf above the desk look a bit caddy~wampas, IRL it is straight.

thanks to miss emily falconbridge, i finally have gotten a bit further in this little alter to my grandfather. it's an altered cigar box. i am not finished but thought i'd share it anyway. emily is starting a little something of an inspiration on her blog over here.

after painting the dinning room wall yesterday, thou we no longer have a dinning room, but the beginnings of a family room...

my husband decided to repaint the living room floor! mind you he hates to paint! alas there was no stopping him. he started it, didn't like what he saw, and late in the afternoon i finished it.

i wonder what's next? although i still have no idea where the motivation for all of this is coming from, i'm sure glad its here!! viva home improvments!!!

Wednesday, January 3


the scraproom isn't finished just yet, but i have done EVEN more! i should have stayed home and worked on my room but...

i had a 10:00 appt with my hunky hairdresser Noel. i don't know about you, but once i am out and about, it seems i make too many stops and am gone most of the day.

after leaving {{hunky}} at noon, i was off to the goodwill to drop off a few more things before heading home. just a quick stop mind you. i have much to do at home. long story short, i didn't get home until after 6!!! today it wasn't me, but mr warren who kept me out and about. well... maybe half my fault.

while making my drop at the GW i spotted a GREAT chair. i called my husband and asked what he thought about purchasing said {{great potential chair}}, taking it to the upholster's, and using it in the dinning room we have considered turning into a sitting room (we only use our dinning table 3-4 times a year. we are not the family that eats together :-( he said yes, i paid and left for home. on the way i thought i better stopp at the fabric store to see if they had the same fabric i purchased last year (when we cover my grandmothers chair). they had two of the 4 fabrics. next stop another store for the 3rd fabric. i knew the 4th i'd never find. home. time 1:30. not bad. i can still salvage the afternoon, and hopefully have the scraproom done by the time the guys get home. 1:31 {{one of the guys}} calls. he can now pick up one said chair. off i head to meet him at GW. he wants to take the chair to the upholsters THEN. so off we go. to have the chair by party time on the 13th, we need a few more yard of fabric. fine. i can bring them to her tomorrow. back home. 3:30. at 3:31 mr warren informs me he really would like to get that hair cut he's been threatening all week. his shop recently closed, so he needs me to take him to mine, can we please go NOW? sure. off we go. haircut done. 4:30. lets go get the fabric while we are out. HE looks at camoflag fabric, decides i should make him a sweatshirt. after all santa did just bring me a new sewing machine. and for his birthday next month a new cammo sweatshirt is just what santa baby would like. fine. can. we. please. go. home. NOW?


i never did get to the scraproom. if we are to get the new chair IN the dinning room this HAS to go first. maybe one will pay for the other!!!

a new year, a new look

what do you think? it's not often we ask for other opinions, but i'm asking. i had gotten tired of the dark side and have crossed over to the bright side of the street. welcome!

well, my working roll has continued ie, that {{to do list}} is getting smaller and smaller. i have no idea where the energy and ambition is coming from, as this mother has no "little~helper", but i'm taking advantage and enjoying it. if i can keep it coming, this place i call home will sparkle soon. just in time for travis' 19th birthday on the 14th. my husband sayes can always tell when family is expected as those long put off chores are finally attended and our castle really shines! i say {{maybe i should have company, more often}} no? if that's what it takes to get around to the bump and grind of deep cleaning, so be it.

last week, in my cleaning and purging extravaganza, i completely overhauled my scraproom. i emptied the closet, cabinets, and the floor! yes, the floor, aka catch all. the next day when i wanted to finish, my husband had other plans and wanted to tackle the garage. it needed to be done, and so i conceded. we can actually get two cars in the two car garage, so now my audi has lots of space around it, and i'm not dingging my door every time i open it. the scraproom however, is still waiting to be put back together, and revamped. it has been decluttered, but not finished. that is the one thing i want to accomplish this week, as i am desparate to get back to scrappin, book altering, and testing out my new sewing machine {{thanks santa baby}}.

i am also back in the saddle as far as the next ten lbs. i am happy i have been able to maintain the previous loss, but am ready to loss the next ten. wish me luck... one friend who has always struggled with wieght sayes, "if it tastes good, spit it out!" i laugh every time i think of that. so true. another friend who is very small, but constantly works at it sayes, "if you want to be thin, you have to always be hungry." again i fear this is true. c'est le vie

in other news i am excited to have this start today. i am hopeful much will be raised for the Kim family. i can't imagine what they are going thru without their beloved husband/father, and to have financial worries on top would only take away from the healing process. my thoughts and prayers are with them.

be happy bloggies!
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