Wednesday, January 3


the scraproom isn't finished just yet, but i have done EVEN more! i should have stayed home and worked on my room but...

i had a 10:00 appt with my hunky hairdresser Noel. i don't know about you, but once i am out and about, it seems i make too many stops and am gone most of the day.

after leaving {{hunky}} at noon, i was off to the goodwill to drop off a few more things before heading home. just a quick stop mind you. i have much to do at home. long story short, i didn't get home until after 6!!! today it wasn't me, but mr warren who kept me out and about. well... maybe half my fault.

while making my drop at the GW i spotted a GREAT chair. i called my husband and asked what he thought about purchasing said {{great potential chair}}, taking it to the upholster's, and using it in the dinning room we have considered turning into a sitting room (we only use our dinning table 3-4 times a year. we are not the family that eats together :-( he said yes, i paid and left for home. on the way i thought i better stopp at the fabric store to see if they had the same fabric i purchased last year (when we cover my grandmothers chair). they had two of the 4 fabrics. next stop another store for the 3rd fabric. i knew the 4th i'd never find. home. time 1:30. not bad. i can still salvage the afternoon, and hopefully have the scraproom done by the time the guys get home. 1:31 {{one of the guys}} calls. he can now pick up one said chair. off i head to meet him at GW. he wants to take the chair to the upholsters THEN. so off we go. to have the chair by party time on the 13th, we need a few more yard of fabric. fine. i can bring them to her tomorrow. back home. 3:30. at 3:31 mr warren informs me he really would like to get that hair cut he's been threatening all week. his shop recently closed, so he needs me to take him to mine, can we please go NOW? sure. off we go. haircut done. 4:30. lets go get the fabric while we are out. HE looks at camoflag fabric, decides i should make him a sweatshirt. after all santa did just bring me a new sewing machine. and for his birthday next month a new cammo sweatshirt is just what santa baby would like. fine. can. we. please. go. home. NOW?


i never did get to the scraproom. if we are to get the new chair IN the dinning room this HAS to go first. maybe one will pay for the other!!!
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